Forza Motorsport & Top Gear Speculation Round 1

"During the last Pitpass Dan said that the three cars we saw coming in the Forza Ultimate Collection were like the snack before the appetizer before dinner and was nothing compared to what they have coming down the pipe. If this is a fair analogy and Turn 10 is now focusing just about all of the development team on "The Next Big Thing" then it is also fair to say that the upcoming content for Top Gear will end up in Forza Motorsport 4." - ForzaCentral

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IRetrouk2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

sorry but this looks like a me too kind of thing, they are copying others ideas to a point of just being obvious, love forza, hate the devs.

@ dissagrees, so top gear stuff for forza was anounced about a year ago then? no it wasnt, its a blatent thunder stealing move and you fanboys know it.

FordGTGuy2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Hate Microsoft they are the ones that control what is said in official press releases and on stage which is where anything bad about other competitors has been said by any of the devs. I can assure you that it was not a Forza developer that came up with "the definitive racer."

Remember Developers Develop, Publishers Control.

It was Top Gears choice to make a contract with both studios don't blame them for taking advantage of it.

EDIT - Were not saying it wasn't but blaming them for taking advantage of an open opportunity is just dumb. Its not Turns 10's fault that Polyphony has delayed their game so much.

IRetrouk2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

dont get me wrong it very cool that they are getting top gear stuff into there gasmes, but having to buy a new copy of the game to get those features is rediculous, i own the collectors edd of forza 3 and am not happy about the way they are selling this, on another note, is it not the usa version of top gear for forza? and it was dan saying that stuff not micro, dan has been doing it since forza 1 droped.

it has nothing to do with gt being delayed though, its been known for ages that gt would have a lot of top gear stuff in it, even gt5p had top gear stuff in it. and its only dumb if you dont see this as a me too move.

FordGTGuy2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Believe me I agree with you on that, I own the limited edition Forza 3 and every DLC released. I will not be buying FUC however like I said in the article this content would be going into Forza Motorsport 4 most likely or DLC for Forza Motorsport 4.

The Top Gear car pack will be released later for DLC for Forza 3 so I wouldn't waste your money.

No I was saying that if GT5 would have released sooner like it was supposed to have than it would have had longer exclusive support from Top Gear. Instead they kept delaying and now were seeing things from Forza with Top Gear before GT5 is even released.

IRetrouk2973d ago

sorry get you meaning now and i agree i quess im just pissed cause of the way they are bringing it out, tbh i love the forza series and cant wait to see what they do with no 4, wasnt trying to bash the game or anything or trying to compare to gt, luckly i own both consoles so i get the best of both worlds lol.

FordGTGuy2973d ago

Same here I will be buying and enjoying GT5 also.

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Organization XII2973d ago ShowReplies(1)
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Dark-Cloud2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

people are blind .. just take both games , forza 3 is a good game but GT5 is the best game u'll ever see in ps3 , xbox360 and pc
if u people can't understand that these are just games and we buy them for fun then stop buying games !! because buying them is useless ... fighting for nothing !!
in my opinion GT5 is alot better then forza 3 , u can't even compare both games !! but forza 3 is a good game

FordGTGuy2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Yeah because comparing a game that had 2.5~ years of development with a game that has had 6 years of development and over a year of development after Forza's release is very fair. /s

Both are great games but lets wait until GT5 at least releases before calling it the "Best".

RetroReborn2973d ago

to be fair though if you actually look at the development of gt5 it wasnt 6 years, they made gt hd then they were making gtpsp at the same time they were making gt5p and working on the full game, work only started after gt hd so its closer to 3 years didnt gt4 come out in 06? so at best you could say 4 years where did 6 come from lol

Biggest2973d ago

So we shouldn't compare games based on development time? That's a new one.

RetroReborn2973d ago

more like we cant compare games based on dev time, think about it too human 10 years, splinter cell 5 years, one was good, one wasnt.

DanteKnightsTemplar2973d ago

If I met him on the street,I bet the 1st thing he'd do is critisize someone,somewhere.I mean.Come on,Dan.Lighten up.I was a huge follower in the Forza2 days,after years of GT.But Hahaha,I realised,you're like the mean bitter version of Peter Molyneux in the car sim world.and yes,Fable is a good rpg,but comparing Forza to GT is like comparing Fable to Oblivion content wise

Dark-Cloud2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

i love fable :D ... i wish if it was in ps3 so i can play it :( , xbox360 are lucky but they don't know that :( , they hate the game !! T_T
they like halo and they hate fable ... i finished fable 2 and i loved it !! halo sucks !! i can't enjoy playing it because it's really boring >.< ... i sold the xbox360 befor the price go down in my country .... xbox360 is useless right now

FordGTGuy2973d ago

As Oblivion never had a hard time releasing....

RetroReborn2973d ago

tbf fable is a great game, fable 3 has me excited.

FighterJoe2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )


You try your hardest to mask the your fanboy side but you just couldn't help yourself.

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