SquareGo: The Banhammer is watching YOU - "Cheaters beware"

SquareGo writes:

"Whilst Bungie set the precedent for intervention in Halo 2, they've recently cast their net once again and proactively caught approximately 15,000 Halo Reach cheaters.

The question is, should Bungie be doing this?"

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BeOneWithTheGun2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

If I was in charge of the banhammer and I saw someone intentionally stat glitching or quit early for boosting purposes I would sent a 2 megawatt jolt to their console and fry all their hardware.

Cheaters just RUIN games. The pathetic attempt to boost their e-penises and sacrificing the integrity of the match for all the other players is simply juvenile and unacceptable.

Most of us work hard all day and come home to game because it is our passion. Most of us are honest and even if we are losing we will ride it out because, well, we sucked that round and you always finish what you start. So, when little Jimmy from New Jersey glitches in the corner to boost his ratings it infuriates me to no end. If I ever heard someone in public boasting about doing this I would probably kick them in the nads.

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The Hillman2973d ago

Totally agree with you :)

IaMs122973d ago

Little harsh to fry a console, totally, if ANYthing fry their ethernet port/wireless internet inside the console so they can no longer connect online, but still play the games singleplayer