5 Reasons Gaming on a Mac Will No Longer Suck

iSmashPhone: "For quite some time, the Mac gave PC and console gamers something to agree on: Playing games on a Mac is a joke. Agree with it or not, it's hard to deny that there wasn't a long dry spell between the times when Apple's computers were considered a gaming platform (We will always remember Oregon Trail) but that all may be changing very quickly."

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FordGTGuy2950d ago

5. Still Limited Gaming Support
4. Practically No Game Modding Community
3. Upcoming Mac App Store will most likely saturate any kind of Mac gaming market with a bunch of stupid fart games.
2. Very expensive hardware for such a limited gaming experience.
1. Inability to upgrade your Mac, must replace computer entirely every few years to keep up with gaming hardware demands.

Nihilism2949d ago

lol @ macs, you can built a custom PC to absolutely kill any macbook pro for half the price, even have dual boot with win7 and mac O.S and still have money to buy some games, you could even treat yourself to a mouse with more than 1 button ;)

ChickeyCantor2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Dont forget though, when the mac fans come in, be sure to explain that OS =/= hardware. They often mix the bag, of which they hardly know anything.

Then again to each his own, but its up to the developers on how much time they want to spend for their games to work on mac as well if a pc version alone is viable enough.