Gametrailers Bonus Round Call Of Duty Black Ops Chapter 3

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Behind the Design is a special Bonus Round where we go straight to the developer to talk about their design philosophies, receive their commentary on the trailers they've created, learn about what has hit the cutting room floor and more! What challenges does Treyarch face creating a new Call of Duty? How different is it to work with fictional history rather than World War II? What's this about a Black Market feature in multiplayer that was cut? You asked for us to go behind-the-scenes - and now, we're Behind the Design!

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solidsnake2222973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

They're keeping the core formula for zombies. It was the best thing about WaW, and it was so simple. It wouldn't be the same if they over complicated it. Also, they said they have "One hell of a surprise for us about zombies". I can't wait to find out what it is. They've done good with their zombie mods. First perks and betties, then the wunderwaffle and traps (besides electroshock), and the great weapon upgrades and bowie knives. Add all of the backstory to it and its just mind blowing. Can't wait for 11-9-10 :)

ABizzel12973d ago

Well we know what's going to be their game of the year forerunner.

MajestieBeast2973d ago

Yeah just like last year sadly.