8 Things You Didn't Know About Video Game Retail

Ex: "Still, if you still prefer to buy games the old fashioned way, here are ten things you should probably know about the world of video game retail that you might not have already known. All these facts have been verified by either online reports or the grumblings of a host of disgruntled employees who prefer to remain anonymous."

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poopnscoop2974d ago

I don't shop at LameStop anymore because all the employees there are big Sony fanboys who keep trying to convince me to buy a Ps3. Which is ridiciulous lol.

Queasy2974d ago

I don't shop there simply because it's easier (and cheaper) to order stuff online through Amazon or elsewhere.

Hydrolex2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Well, they are not PS3 fanboys, they are being honest with you...

When your mom tells you poopy boy don't mess with guys cuz you are

not homo, do you think she is a STRAIGHT Fanboy or do you think she is right ?

lolcatz2974d ago

Haha, all the ones near my house are Xbox fanboys.

thehitman2974d ago

thats a first GameStop is Notorious for 360 fanboys.

tehk1w12974d ago

I understand stores need to make money, but it's pretty obnoxious to charge like $200 for a HDMI cable taht you can get online for $10.

There's a difference between making a profit and exploiting consumer ignorance.

DaBadGuy2974d ago

I did know that Gamestop employees could check out games, but I didn't know they took NEW games displayed on the shelf. But I figured they weren't really NEW since they were already opened and the disc was in a sleeve in a drawer. I sorta put two and two together. Doesn't bother me.

As long as the game works, I don't care.

Cevapi882974d ago

but dont you think that defeats the whole purpose of New and Pre-owned....they get an early taste of all the games coming out...they get to play them for who knows how long and then bring them back and still sell them at $60....i feel like thats unfair to consumers and publishers should really voice their opinions on this...there is a difference between owning the IP and owning the copies themselves...retailers like GS have too much lee-way IMO when it comes to new releases

Matthew942974d ago

this is an aweful and boring article

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