Ashley Tisdale: Xbox Kinect Party Girl

Checking out the latest in gaming technology, Ashley Tisdale attended the Kinect for Xbox 360 Launch Party in Beverly Hills on Saturday night (October 23).

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ComboBreaker2974d ago

Now that Ashley Risdale is endorsing Kinect, Kinect will magically works and somehow be more fun and totally worth my money now.

Cevapi882974d ago

its things like this....i have nothing against Kinect...its the fact that MS is using people who have no clue about games/gaming to sell the tech...first Bieber, then Oprah now this girl...whats next, the Disney Kids Club?

JokesOnYou2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

"i have nothing against Kinect...its the fact that MS is using people who have no clue about games/gaming to sell the tech"

-uhm, that makes no sense, this celebrity like almost all celebrities who endorse products are NOT speaking about technical terms regarding how the product works, NO ONLY THAT THEY LIKE IT.

I personally have never brought a product because a celebrity liked it, and I generally believe a significant portion of the population feels the same way however there are some "fans" who buy stuff based on what their favorite celebrities like. Also it really doesn't matter exactly who micro gets to advertise the product, yeah sure Bieber, Seacrest, Oprah make sense for the target demographic but the MOST important part is that micro is using these celebrities to keep kinect in the spotlight at public events that cross over to a much larger audience then gaming sites which less than 1% of the population visit, so when some celebrity says "yippie kinect is the greatest thing since electricity" more people hear about it, then if some respected editor at a gaming site says he likes other words the avg joe may not give 2 shiii's about what Ashley likes but just because she was talking about it in a random interview on TV, public event, promotional spot he might want to see it for himself.


The Wood2974d ago

your point makes sense but i think the whole point is that these said celebrities are being used as a smokescreen. It works for many but its sad that MS need/choose to do this. Let the product do the talking IF you're confident. This is sad...

Elephants And Oprah, performed by J Bieber written by avatars shoe and produced by 'the man behind the curtain' go get

....Kinect then sells 3 mil on the first day...Its a success even if it doesnt do what it says on the tin...sad

number472974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

You guys know thats why everyone is commenting on it, not the celebrity endorsement. All products use endorsement from celebrities, even sony but they are usually working products. Microsoft is advertising a cardboard box and rushing to make a sales number to show the stock market that they are doing something right. Kinect could be any broken device at this point, the device doesn't matter. The hype of it does.

The entire time on n4g everyone has been continually making fun of Kinect due to its lack of games, lack of innovation, and lack of just plain working. Its clearly to get people to buy it, thats what this all is. Thats what everyone is saying. Microsoft isn't the first to use celebrity endorsement, but its endorsement of a viable product.

Its just a gigantic slap in the face to those people that Will buy it, based on the lie of the device. And the supporters, like you, are just as pathetic for accepting the fact that Kinect is buggy, that its laggy, that its games are on rails, that there is no content for the base 360 user, that its not whats advertised at all. But kudos to MS because that means they will continue to be second place.

I as a gamer am looking at the joke of Kinect as a device, and cringing at the fact MS spent half a BILLION dollars to advertise it, and send lawyers to Destructoid for slightly poking fun at it. Yet cant keep a gaming studio open to save its life. No gamer -- no PERSON -- in their right mind would support something like this besides Xbox360 fans, and i'm convinced of that 100%. You have people claimign Move is garbage, and they wont buy it. You have PS owners calling it a wii-too. But you don't have a majority of 360 owners fessing up to the facts about kinect, and even its basic inability to provide wii-too experiences. Hell, just put yourself in normal shoes. If sony or Nintendo were to sell a device like this, as an ADD ON, promising the things Kinect is. Even when its going to start using a controller, and be literally the PSeye, its 100% fine.

I'm sure all the bots on the site will enjoy seeing soccer moms buying things blindly, but ask yourself about how excited you are about your 2011+ lineup that you have to pay to play online for the same games offered elsewhere, with hardware that wont burn a home down.

Blaze9292974d ago

Lmao have you never watched commercials or seen billboards? Get real - this tactic has been done for hundreds of years now. Don't act brand new with Microsoft using...wait for it..."celebrities to endorse a product they have nothing to do with/know what it even is."

Cevapi882974d ago

so you really think that Oprah is going to get her Kinect on??

last time i checked, companies use celebrities that have something in common with the product SINCE THEY USE IT....look at sports appearl...Nike, Addidas etc...millions spent on athletes to promote their products because they use...Make-up companies such as Loreal or Estee Lauder use Hollywood actresses...without it where would they think that i dont know that companies have been doing this for the longest time? at least they use celebrities that identify with the product....when was the last time you saw Oprah hold a DS3 or Wii Mote, let alone even her knowing what those terms mean...why not have Bill Gates advertise it or high profile developer like Cliff B?? matter of perspective...MS knows that a lot of moms will go out this holiday season to buy their kids something that Oprah gave praise to without really knowing what it is

Blaze9292974d ago

"last time i checked, companies use celebrities that have something in common with the product SINCE THEY USE IT"

Yeah, because Beyonce totally uses a Nintendo DS in her everyday life.
because Zoe Aldana totally plays and knew what she was talking about for Yoostar 2
because every celebrity in Proactive commercials actually use that P.O.S. product instead of spending big money on dermatologist products.

and I can go on. It's JUST MARKETING and who market's products better than celebrity endorsements themselves? Again, this has been going on for hundreds of years - don't act like Microsoft just started this and is the only company guilty of this. Turn on your TV for an hour and jot down how many commercials you see tonight with celebrities and ask if they have anything in common with the product or even use it.

number472974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Unlike the DS
Unlike most things that are advertised...

Kinect doesn't work as advertised/endorsed. Its games as they stand today are done on basic webcams & PsEye. Which both "recognize" legs and feet. aka and hitting 'poses' or targets on a screen. Don't pretend it couldn't be done with a laundry list of features kinect has, but can't USE in videogaming for some strange reason, cant capture them on film either.

Its clear as day Microsoft is using Celebrities & Smokescreens to cover up for the fact that Kinect is a laggy gameless, already done before, webcam. Which everyone on n4g talking trash about it is saying. Everyone uses celebrity endorsement because people want to sell working products to people, and the thinking is "If Ashley simpsons is seen using it, others will buy it!" Except this time its a wet paper napkin with a xbox logo on it for $150.00. No one does any footage or demo's it, all the talk is about who is using it, not "Watch them use it!" and when it is, its a 3.5 second clip with 900 microsoft representatives monitoring and correcting movements.

Stop arguing about Celebrity marketing, everyone does it.

But Microsoft is doing it with a broken busted product. Just like the Apple Mac commercial about Vista;s problems vs its advertising budget.

Kinect is the new powerglove with 500 million dollars of advertising behind it. But it cant even show how celebs use it. which is the hilarious fact.

Marketing is marketing

Microsoft is marketing a product that doesn't work, has no games, isn't innovative, as if it is. With celebrities to fool people. Can't wait till the holidays are over to see how fast word of mouth doesn't spread for this device. Which all other things had, due to them working.

HolyOrangeCows2974d ago

"D*mn it.
Now that Ashley Risdale is endorsing Kinect"

Like, watch your language, Scoob.

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Blacktric2974d ago

I guess I ditched the Xbox right on time LMAO!

Black-Helghast2974d ago

She's not that hot anymore, screw it.

Quagmire2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Gladly :P

Troll_Police2974d ago

As soon as they get Miley Cyrus to endorse it I'm sold.


8thnightvolley2974d ago

say wwhhhhhhaaatttttttt?????..


they way she is poping on that pic with that enjoyment face i would love her to backthat ass up to me nicely... from table top to the bedsheets..

Count2974d ago

She'd call you a freak and call the cops.

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MariaHelFutura2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Boom.... I`m sold......

If Ashley Tisdales in, I`m in.

Animal Prints, Lightning Bolts and Butterflies FTW.


NecrumSlavery2974d ago


Jeez. You heard it first right here on N4G Xbox 360 gamers, Microsoft doesn't give a shizzle about you, just money. Now that they have a new audience to go after, MS does not feel they need to target the hardcore anymore. The real question is, will you take them back after all the motion commotion fails?

shadyiswin2974d ago

Yes I will, even though it won't fail obviously. Another butthurt hardcore idiot. There are so many of you. Go buy a playstation and wait to play your exclusives that will never come out and when they final do bomb in comparison to any of 360's. The 360 will always be hardcore idiot, you have no sense of business if you have the money to compete and ability to out perform your competition and you choose to sit there and let them take market share from you. Microsoft is only being practical and this is good 1st effort that I'm sure they will build on going forward.

IRetrouk2974d ago

you sound more butthurt than necrum does lol, what exclusives have bombed on ps3? and how do they never come out, oh you mean gt 5 and little big planet 2 dont you? so i take it you forgot about too human, splinter cell being remade twice, what about gears?

DeathGazer2974d ago

Well now I'm sold.

Take my $150, MS!

mikhail_tisoy2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

hmmmm.. title is lulz

xTrueLegendx2974d ago

150 a little steep maybe if she came with playstation move instead