10 Things You Must Try In... Halo: Reach

OXM UK: "It's been on the shelves for a while now, has Halo: Reach.

Yet despite the hours you've poured into the single player and pounding the multiplayer, we reckon we've found 10 things you haven't tried yet.

Rather than keep quiet and feel smug about it, we thought we'd share them, so you can tell us that you've already done them and we're forced into thinking of 10 more. So here they are!"

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ninpo142921d ago

i have done all those, and there all sweet

SixZeroFour2921d ago

how can you "try" number 8?

Cyrus3652921d ago

Agreed, how can you "try #8".

RockmanII72920d ago

11 - Build a statue in Forge World and take a picture of it