Week recap: PS3 Move 1M; Xbox 360 Kinect launch; Red Wii, DSi XL

Punch Jump Week Recap for week ending Oct. 23, 2010.

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Simco8762971d ago

Will Move outsell Kinect? I wonder if they are going to count the units Oprah's audience got? Probably

Sez 2971d ago

It would probobly be more than what Sony actually sold not shipped. Lol J/K

Redrum0592971d ago

i think they will count those kinect givaways, just like they counted the 360s' that were given away at E3.

MS just wants bragging rights to say that theyve outsold everything playstation-related.

MsmackyM2971d ago

I bought 2 of the "shipped" Moves.