GameCritics: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

GameCritics writes: "If I've implied that most of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimenions isn't worth the foil it's printed on, I should make it absolutely clear that it isn't the case. It's just that, while most of the game is a well-executed brawler with some light exploration thrown in and some memorably over-the-top boss fights, the Noir sequences shame the rest of the title by providing top-flight stealth levels that are as thrilling to play as they are visually interesting to behold. Shattered Dimension was an interesting experiment, but on the whole I'd have rather just played Spider-Man Noir."

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NecrumSlavery2973d ago

Currently playing this game now. It's a lot of fun and very creative. The story is weak and lots of the voicing is meh. But combat is solid and the dimensions bring sweet new gameplay elements. Spidey Noir is really badass, I want an entire game just about him. That would be your new Arkham-like Spiderman game!!!!!

Only issue is this game is kind of linear. It's open like Spiderman 2: The Movie: The Game, m personal favorite Spidey game. Also it's cool that Stan Lee is in this game, but lack of Bruce Cambpell really pisses me off. I know he is only tied in cause of Sam Raimi, but I think of them as one and the same now.