CVG: Force Unleashed 2: The Star Wars story you've been waiting for?

CVG: "While it's not unusual for developers to trumpet the story they've created for their latest game, it is an eyebrow-raiser to hear a producer of the sequel to the fastest-selling Star Wars game ever emphasise that story is the tip-top, most important thing about the latest addition to the Lucasverse. Most would say gameplay."

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Hellsvacancy2973d ago

I liked demo, if the full game had had online play i woulda bought it, i liked it how u can dismember limbs and stuff, just DIDNT like it that after u do that the body parts would dissapear soon after, whats up with that?

tunaks12973d ago

online play doesn't really fit in a SP game.

And the reason the limbs fade away is to keep a steady framerate.

Fishy Fingers2973d ago

Keeping all the body parts, dead bodies etc would use to much memory and they're already light on that.

Most games do it, especially pretty ones, Resident Evil 5s bubbling "zombies" and whatnot.

Downtown boogey2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Well, not most.

And the demo wasn't fun.

JBaby3432972d ago

Why can't they leave debris lying around? Put in more DMM? The disappearing objects as soon as they appear and the limited amount of destruction is really disappointing especially seeing what other games accomplish with destructible objects and environments.

Baka-akaB2973d ago

star wars isnt really about the visions of tons of body parts laying around anyway

Downtown boogey2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

And it also isn't about brutally killing everyone in sight, is it?

xYLeinen2973d ago

Idk, maybe we should play it first?

Cyrus3652973d ago

We'll soon find out, if it's the star wars story we've been waiting for.

theEx1Le2972d ago

it appears someone thinks we won't find out soon

Downtown boogey2973d ago

I haven't been waiting for a bad story.

lashes2ashes2972d ago

game informer stated in there review the story is horrible. so im not playing this game. i did not like the first one and now it looks like this one is much worse.

scar202972d ago

@lashes2ashes so your gonna do what a piece of paper tells u.everyone gave MOH a bad review so i bought to see what was up with that i enjoyed sure it had its flaws but it was still a better than what people say.

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