Xboxer360 Review - Fallout: New Vegas

Marco Fiori of writes "It’s not the big things in New Vegas that make the game stand out, but rather the obscure details that make up its world. After all, there’s nothing particularly new that’s worth shouting about. V.A.T.S. returns in all its slow-motion glory, as does the skinned Oblivion engine. You’re greeted by another American post-apocalyptic landscape to explore, filled with unique characters, settlements and quests. So why does it make such an impression on the player?"

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NecrumSlavery2970d ago

very good game. There is so much going on, even with the better quest tracking, I'm still in the holw, by which I mean I have more quests activated than completed. I am still on one side quest that has taken me across 10 other side quests and 5 had to be done in order to complete one of the many individual tasks in the sidequest. But no that one task requires me to finish more sidesquests before I can turn the task in. I highly doubt the original side quest will ever

Also the COME FLY WITH ME sidequest. Love there's a trophy cause that took a while. I don't get how people hate on this games quests. There are many run to point A and collect something, or more simple tasks, but still many of the quests are longer than others in Fallout 3. I am 18 hours in an just got to Vegas. This is a really big game. Honestly I am a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sidequests to do. A couple times I have completed and failed quests that I never started. I hope all the main quests and side quest with trophies are excessable and dont become unavailable.

lol. I still havent modded anything, or found a single snow globe. I think this game will require much more time than fallout 3 goty did. And that's before FNV gets any DLC of its own.

Kakihara2970d ago

I played for the first time last night after staying up for about 24 hours. I think I need to start a new game again tonight since I was just wandering around confused and being shot at by everyone I ran into.

If it wasn't just my tiredness making me suck I have to say so far I'm loving the difficulty increase. My last playthrough of Fallout 3 saw me taking out every raider in Paradise falls on Very hard difficulty and a low level character without breaking a sweat, in this one three goddamn Bloatflies on Normal difficulty made me panic.

NecrumSlavery2970d ago

yeah, this game is still a challenge on easy. Damn new radscorpion armor...!!!