Define Perfect

What makes a game "perfect," and is that even possible?

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Matthew942971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Perfect for me would have to include

Decent Total Length (including minigames and such) and Replayability
No Breaking Glitches
Characters you like and not absolutely loath (im looking at heavy rain...). Some hateable characters are OK but not ALL of them
Post game extras are always fun
Game mechanics that are easy to pick up but have depth for those willing to invest time

Is starfox 64 / MGS3

xino2971d ago

Halo Combat Evolved, Metroid Prime and Half Life 2

Xof2971d ago

A perfect game is a game that excels in every respect. Excellent gameplay, excellent graphics, excellent sound effects, excellent voice acting, excellent writing, etc.

It's a rare thing, sure--increasingly rare in this day and age--but it has happened. Or has everyone forgotten Baldur's Gate II? Freespace 2? Rise of Nations? Hell, the first Starcraft, even?

And then there are tons of near-perfect games, hampered only by one or two minor (but impossible-to-ignore) flaws. Valkyria Chronicles (long-ass loading times) Disgaea (fugly), Legacy of Kain: Defiance (incomplete), Uncharted 1/2 (lolplotholes/repetition).

On a side not, I have a feeling the kinds of people who think games can't ever be 'perfect' are the same kinds of people who think 'fighting' is an actual game genre.

Mini Mario2971d ago

super mario world, super metroid.

There you dont have to look any further.