DafT Thoughts - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 360 Review

Not long ago, I had no intention of picking up Enslaved at all. I assumed that I wouldn't like it much because of how the previous games of Ninja Theory's weren't anything to write home about. That was, until I read the reviews and played the demo, at which point it was my most anticipated game of October after Fable 3. Read on to see if I felt the same way everyone else did upon finishing it.

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MorganX2977d ago

Good review. I felt the same only I almost didn't buy it after the terrible demo. The reviews convinced me and I agree it is a great game, and great looking.

It's getting knocks for the platforming, i.e. you can't die like Uncharted. But it's clear you've played Uncharted as you are aware of the tips button. The only way to die is to basically jump into a void and all you do is do it over, so I actually prefer what Enslaved did. No, you can't just into that pit of nothingness and start over and break the flow of the game. You can die by jumping into poisonous areas or not jumping from a falling structure fast enough. Really, there's no such thing as "hard" platforming (except for Prince of Persia) but that's what that kind of game is known for.

Again, well written. Unfortunately, the game was released against really stiff competition and now Kinect coming up. Hopefully it will have legs and get some Christmas/New Year marketing.

I'm not a player of DMC, but after Heavenly Sword and ENSLAVED, I'm going to have to give the benefit of the doubt to any Ninja Theory game until they drop a turd.

DafT2977d ago

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

Ya, I actually rented Heavenly Sword, but only played around half of it until I got a bit bored, so my expectations coming into Enslaved were extremely low, which made the surprise of how good it was even more astounding.

I really do hope it sells well, because it would really be a shame if it doesn't being the great game it is.

Parapraxis2977d ago

Heavenly Sword was awesome.

MorganX2977d ago

Agreed. Almost gave up on it till I turned off Sixaxis motion.

My top disc based games of all time:

1. Heavenly Sword
2. Gears of War 1
3. Looks like ENSLAVED

Parapraxis2977d ago

sixaxis was OKAY in HS, it did some portions a little bit more challenging that they would have been without the motion controls, however I enjoyed the challenge.

I as well need to play Enslaved.
I have such a backlog of games right now my brain hurts. I'm off tomorrow, so I hope to finish RDR and finish Mirrors Edge (a bit late I know haha)