Can Medal of Honor withstand the Call of Duty 'phenomena?'

Zombiegamer writes:I am one of those [possibly few] people that actually enjoys Medal of Honor’s multiplayer mode. I have long been a fan of DICE and the general mechanics or feel of the gun controls win me over every time. So despite it not fairing to well with some reviews, I was always going to get Medal of Honor.

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r0gueZA2973d ago

damn, that is what I suspect but hoping for the alternate answer...

i best get in my MoH mp time then:)

Static-X2973d ago

Hell No. Come November 9th nobody will be talking about MOH

sunnygrg2973d ago

Medal of Honor will die out when Black Ops releases.

DICE's strategy of releasing playlists as DLCs are really hurting them. The weapons, maps, perks, killstreaks really don't stand out.

scar202973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

@static x come november 9th everyone that preordered the game is gonna be bending over to give kotick another reason to release the same crap which will never change i'm getting cod bo but for free cuz of my job up yours kotick.

mordakai82973d ago

i'm getting it for free, but that's because I won a bet :)

DERKADER2973d ago

I'm getting it for free because I'm unemployed.

Redlogic2973d ago

then you should be thanking all of the people in here who pay taxes....

FACTUAL evidence2973d ago

if they come out with MOH every year, have overpriced mappacks, and caters to a large audience of casuals....then maybe.

BeOneWithTheGun2973d ago

This game failed so bad in my eyes. I can live with jaggies and some frame rate issues when I am playing a game like Fallout NV but with all the hype surrounding this game I expected so much more. Where was the "in-depth" character perspective? Where was the deep story and great graphics that it touted early in the year?

The graphics were so bad as was the AI and I set a new record for completing a game on "hard" mode when I played this game. (No, I am not a game sprinter.)

FAIL FAIL FAIL. I am so glad I GameFly'd this turd 'cause if I dropped 60 bones on it I would be, how do you kids say..."Uber pissed"?

OhMyGandhi2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

BeOneWithTheGun , you have written of the few comments I've read that I can imagine not only what you sound like, but every facial expression, slam of each keystroke, and the urgency to get your voice out before your heart implodes, and you die of an aneurysm.

Then again, I do agree with you on some level.
Graphics wise, the game faired well in my eyes. night shots were, actually, more interesting than the harsh lighting of the day. those looked to damned generic, and...forgettable.

IGN was right though, as every room I went into, was like an epic shooting gallery. enemies were brain dead, stood still for the most part, and did nothing to truly "fight back".

for me though, besides the frame rate drops, and the clipping effects, and the pop in, none of that held a candle to the linkin park song that played as the credits rolled.

your telling me that you have a great, dramatic, intense soundtrack, and you decide to play Linkin Park to really "get the point across"?

irepbtown2973d ago

Multiplayer- Call of Duty will beat it.
Singleplayer- I think, Medal of Honor will beat it.

Although Both the games Storyline seem very interesting. Hope Black ops gets singleplayer online co-op mode. So i can play with my friend the campaign.

gcolley2973d ago

@BigKev45 - why??? your statement means nothing without explanation. next time put a lil thought into it

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AKissFromDaddy2973d ago

Medal of Honor plays to its own style, though that style need a patch, anyone who enjoys using different tactics will enjoy Medal of Honor. Nevertheless, COD has a dedicated fanbase that may never try different shooters.

r0gueZA2973d ago

Ye it definately needs a patch, but I am still very much a fan... and I will be sad to see it go.

xino2973d ago

all the farking idiots from MW2 are plaguing the damn game! Everyone is a farking sniper and they all camp!

game is unbalanced or should I say broken.

Battlefield is better, too bad when Bad Ass Company 2 came out, all the MW2 trash players did not like it because it didn't play like that sh* game.
Now MoH is out, it plays like Battlefield but feels like MW, that is why you see snipers and campers all the time.

xYLeinen2973d ago


There is plenty of tactics used to deal with snipers you tard. Smoke, cover, teamwork, flanking to name a few. You might just be a noob to not be able to execute them, but that's on you, not the game.

madjedi2973d ago

I won't say unbalanced, but it is usually a sniperfest, although i do love that they made the killstreak rewards alot more team based, flak vests, ammo refill ect.

Rather than cod's, ludicrious one man killing machine rewards.

c0nnnn2963d ago

smoke does help, and now that they changed the snipers then maybe less snipers.
i still like the game.

ASTAROTH2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

CALL OF DUTY has a dedicated fanbase. I would say dedicated fanboys who doesnt even look at other games in the console. They wait for the next COD game like I wait for Xmas. I have friensds who played Modern Warfare daily until Modern Warfare 2 came. Then the only game they play is MW2. They see me playing other games like MOH, MAG or UNCHARTED 2 and the only thing they did was messaging me about how my games sucked compared to MW2. i really doent care if MOH is better or not, what I care is that it feels different and plays different. Thats enough for me.

Everybody plays MW2? Then why I fiind thousands playing MAG, UNCHARTED 2, MOH, BC2, KILLZONE 2, SOCCOM, and even World at WAR and MW1... that shows you jou how varied the PSN community is...


ArchangelMike2973d ago

Regardless of the quality of either title, Black Ops will completely dominate the FPS space for the foreseable future, it's inevitable. We might as well not try to fight it and just go along for the ride!

WLPowell2973d ago

because it's called the "Call of Duty" phenomena. As long as Call of Duty is still a relevant game, it's phenomena will plague all other online games.

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