Modern Warfare 2 vs. Medal of Honor: The War Shooter Compared

Medal of Honor to the competition, especially Call of Duty:: It's the battle of the war shooter Modern Warfare 2, the fear of teaching. But how does the recently published reboot of EV compared to beats Activision's acclaimed exceptional title? compares the two rivals.

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scar202978d ago

I know one thing where medal of honor sh*ts on's not rehashed every year and the story actually makes sense.

MasterGuru2978d ago

I agree but when you compare the game in terms of gameplay, replayability, multiplayer and every other aspect, MoH just can't keep up.

quantumriian2978d ago

I think that MoH single player campaign (while incredibly short) is miles ahead of CoD:MW and MW2 campaigns. The audio in MoH is outstanding as well, some of the best in any game I've played. In terms of multiplayer, MoH is only an iteration behind CoD- on par with MW rather than MW2- something that can be easily remedied come sequel time.