Microsoft is working hard to make sure they have enough Kinect Stock this Christmas

Microsoft must be pushing the limits of their production plants as they are promising they will have more Kinect stock than with any other Xbox launch. A Microsoft spokesman told MCV that they are working hard to meet the demand.

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Silly gameAr2975d ago

How do people find websites like these? Are they make specifically for N4G or are these legit gaming sites that I've just never heard of?

jack_burt0n2975d ago

90% of them are made specifically for n4g.

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Mike134nl2974d ago

sadly yes, think it's als about time n4g gets a seperate (xbox360)kinect channel.

mark01922974d ago

Well, they seem properly sourcing their stuff. Really cool website, loads of Kinect stuff.

btk2975d ago

Are there Returns department geared up for the flood yet?
This madness for the so-called "casual" gaming is funny. They really are going to have to give it their all for this holiday season. After this the buying frenzy is over the reality will set in and it will be a hard sell as consumers will have had first hand experience with this overpriced EyeToy.

Those who really want a Kinect will just have to wait for a week after launch and pick one up at bargain price on eBay.

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The story is too old to be commented.