Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Assassin’s Creed II

We examine some of the hidden secrets behind Ubisoft’s time-travelling epic. Hold onto your robes…

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MasterGuru2970d ago

I've completed the game for the platinum trophy. A really really good game. Underrated is a good word to describe it.

DarthMoose2970d ago

Im also a proud plater of AC2, those feathers were a pain i the arse though, cant wait to play brotherhood.

Redempteur2970d ago

i'm 6% left on the trophies ..

i quit because of the feathers

No FanS Land2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

apart from the feathers, I found AC2 to be one of the best games to platinum.

EDIT: How the F do you collect 30 Uplay points????

Eamon2970d ago

Hmm, seeing how AC2 got quite a load of positive reviews I'd say it's been rated just about right.

Xof2969d ago

After the abysmal reception of the first game, a lot of gamers just ignored AC2 completely. For those of us who finally got around to giving AC2 a chance once the price dropped to $30 or the PC version came out... we were blown away.

despair2970d ago

I just have to get the feathers and wear the cape in all areas to get the plat but I thought it wasn't that great. It was a good game but too many things just made it feel annoying at times but still miles better than the first one. I thought it was a solid 8.5 not the 9+ scores it got, but that's just me I guess.

DigitalAnalog2970d ago

I disagreed because it has a 90 metacritic rating plus it had 8 million sales on both consoles combined.

-End statement

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2970d ago
whitesoxfalife2970d ago

dont know why u got a disagree for....but i finished mine on 360 got 900 off of it and thas because of laziness lol

spunnups2970d ago

I may be in the minority, but I really dislike the game thus far. Everything from unsatisfying kills to less than mediocre fighting mechanics and a complicated story. This and Bioshock 2 (worst boss ending ever) have been the most disappointing games for me as of recent.

Knushwood Butt2970d ago

I platted it too, and while I didn't dislike it, I thought it was well overrated. No challenge, crap combat, almost no actual stealth in the game (bizarrely), like you say, unsatisfying kills where you can practically just run up to any targets and waste them, pointless additional weapon, tons of padding, etc, etc.

The ONLY bit of the game that was remotely challenging was the bit where you have to kill that dude stood on that boat near the end of the game. You could actually get spotted pretty easily in that section. Even so, all you need to do was wipe out the (crap AI) guards one by one as none of them ever notice their buddies are being wiped out, then just kill the target.

Oh, and the controls are crap too, especially when doing the free running stuff. Want to jump off at some random angle? This is the game for you!

spunnups2970d ago

Totally agree with everything you said. My sentiments exactly. I only spent $25 on Amazon a few months ago for the game, and I totally feel as though I was ripped off.

One of the most overrated games this generation, easy.

Relientk772970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

- Buying treasure maps from art merchants WAS SOO WORTH IT, u got ur money back in like 2 or 3 treasure chests

- I really hated those cutscenes where Leonardo Da Vinci or anyone try to give u friendly hugs. During cutscenes im usually relaxing and enjoying it, not ready to press a button. I went through the whole game and missed every single hug opportunity lol

- I didnt kno about the sea monster

- and I think that end video is supposed to be a Futuristic version of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

distorted_reality2970d ago


You don't really get the game do you?

kanetheking2970d ago

Ancient, advanced "god" race created humans as slaves. Two slaves named Adam and Eve escaped and gave birth to free humans. And these humans fought back against the gods. But the war was interrupted by a catastrophic event. Most of the gods were wiped out. And humans eventually recovered. History was kinda forgotten, and was misinterpreted into stories like the bible. In 2012 the sun will cause another catastrophe, and desmond must stop it.

Cryptech2970d ago

wow thats pretty good and makes so much sense. I didnt play the first one , but i plated the second. I couldnt really come to any of these conclusions. I am a little thick though. I thought the video was them escaping Atlantis before it blew up, lol, i am dumb.

clarkjudo2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

The figure, calling herself "Minerva" (godess) and addressing Desmond directly, reveals that she and others of her kind were part of a far more advanced society (Those Who Came Before) that lived on Earth and created humans in their own image (it is hinted several times throughout the game that humans were created as a slave race). Eventually man freed themselves and the two races went to war against one another, soon halted by a natural celestial catastrophe involving a massive solar flare which resulted in the destruction of most life on Earth. The remaining people of both races rebuilt society. The few remaining Ones Who Came Before constructed several "temples" around the world (one being located within the Vatican) that would help the human race to prevent the same disaster from reoccurring once the Ones Who Came Before had become extinct. Minerva insinuates that records of the existence of the Ones Who Came Before, as well as their warning, had been misunderstood and had, over time, evolved into various myths, legends and religions throughout the modern world. As the hologram vanishes, Minerva says "the rest is up to you, Desmond", confusing Ezio.
(Assassin's Creed II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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