Black Ops Amazing Quick Scopes

Call of Duty: Black Ops Amazing Quick and No Scopes Multiplayer Gameplay.(works just on Mozilla and Safari & wait 20sec to load)

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news4ever2974d ago

Can't wait for my first quick/no scope in Black OPS ^ ^

blumatt2974d ago

No-scoping is not even remotely possible in real life (very small chance, anyway). I just don't understand why they allow for it in the game. It ruins the game, imo.

BooZe2974d ago

Yeah, because this game is obviously trying to be suuuuuuper realistic.

TengkuAmir102974d ago

It ruins the game cos it's not possible in real life? I don't get you. Then maybe you should not play the game or A game..Since you want everything to be realistic

blumatt2974d ago

...Where it takes actual skill to make sniper shots. You have to actually aim above your target when making long shots, taking into account gravity as the distance increases bullet drop. The only reason why I might get CoD is to play with friends, but I still hate no-scoping.

BulletToothtony2973d ago

yeah cause tapping L1 and R1 take REAL skills... i can't stand people that find all kinds of ways in order to not have to aim cause they suck at it..

camping, quick scope, noob tube.. sheesh if you're so bad just go play wii sports!

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BX812973d ago

If you can get a no scope I think that's pretty good but I hate quick scoping! It's one of the many things that ruined MW2! BFBC2 is my favorite sniping system. I'm not the best at sniping but my favorite snipe in BFBC2 was this guy jumping off a building and when he was about 10ft from the building I hit him with a killer head shot!

Scary692973d ago

Another way to cater to the Noobs WTG Activision. They sure can never do anything right. *rolls eyes*

NarooN2973d ago

This. There wasn't anything at all "amazing" about this. You wanna see amazing? Go watch some actual pro players from Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, Quake 3, Call of Duty 1 and 2, or even friggin' Call of Duty 4 from the PC. THOSE guys have actual skill and talent. This was just some commoner getting a lucky-ass no-scope.

ddurand12974d ago

doenst work for me? youtube link? (yes i have FF)

BX812973d ago

Thanx for posting! I was worried it was actually quick scoping. I like how the sniper seems a little more slowed down when running. I think sniping should actually take skill to do.

ninpo142973d ago

did i just see some one get 2 kills in 2 minutes? garbage

HarryBarry2974d ago

Wow. So everyone ignored the fact the video doesn't work for 90% of the internet yet approve it anyway. Good going team.

Rhythmattic2974d ago

It doesn't seem to work for the other 10% either....

Dark_Vendetta2973d ago

It worked for me. I was using firefox and had to push play and stop a few time. Took me about a minute to load the video after that, but I could watch it. It's not bad, but not worth waiting so long

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The story is too old to be commented.