MTV Multiplayer: 'Super Meat Boy' Designer: 'Business' The Biggest Problem In The Games Industry

MTV Multiplayer: "This week's release of "Super Meat Boy" has been a long time coming and is a pretty monumental achievement for a game that was designed by just two guys. As I mentioned in my review, it's one of the finest 2D platformers ever made and easy stands astride with classics like "Super Mario Bros." Edmund McMillen is one of the two-man design crew at Team Meat and has been working in indie games for years now, making Flash titles as well as retail releases like "Gish"."

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Neckbear2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

"Business. I think business is the downfall to any creative field and the reason why you see so many similar games out there that feel so empty. It's all marketing and business. I think the more you think about how to market to the player the more your game will suffer creatively."

Taken straight off the article, and quoted for truth. I'm looking at you, sequels and rehashes.

I wish developers would just make enjoyable, crazy and creative games. Too bad those are the kind of games that don't sell. If you seriously think otherwise, then you should go look at Double Fine, as a perfect example. Platinum Games (Or hell, Clover as they were back then) are another.

I mean- games from these developers are lucky to break a million sales, yet we have Halo, Killzone and Call of Duty selling like crack. Seriously, people.

Oh, and before people jump over me:

Killzone and Halo? They are somewhat good games on their own right, but they feel like forced sequels. Yes, they improve upon gameplay, but...what if those developers tried something else instead? A new IP where they allowed their imagination go crazy (while still keeping a sense of direction and good development)? Yes, these games would be glorious, alright.

And Call of Duty? I think that one's self-explanatory.

Vegeta90002973d ago

On top of that, the developers for the game are assholes IRL. This should make people not regret pirating the game as it isn't worth the money to begin with.

big_silky2973d ago

i originally thought it was going to be like a platform/action game, not an N+ clone.

mikhail_tisoy2973d ago

what did SMB devs ever do to you