New Vegas PC And 360 Updates Pushed Overnight, PS3 Coming Soon

According to Bethesda's blog, a new game update went up on Xbox 360 overnight resolving quest and scripting problems, similar to the one released for PC earlier this week (see below). An even newer update is also live on Steam as well for PC versions resolving issues with game saves.

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ASSASSYN 36o2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

I killed ceaser and his legion a wee bit early. I wonder what that will do to the game?

andrewsqual2975d ago

Gonna put this all over the comments. The patch was out on PS3 five hours ago.

zeeshan2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Guys, I am going abroad for a couple of weeks and taking my Xbox with me. The thing is that I won't have internet connection available so is there any way I could download the patch and install it, burn it and install it (like how we can download updates from

Please help!!!

T9X692975d ago

No you have to be connected to XBL to download the patch. I wouldn't sweat it though, since the patch I've had 3 game saves get corrupt and lost over 50 hours worth of time invested in the saves.

greenisgood2975d ago ShowReplies(7)
UNLOADED2975d ago

I'm Pickin This Game Up Tomorrow On Ps3, The Glitches Don't Bother Me. I Love Fallout. Bought Fallout 3 twice, once on Ps3, once on 360. Maxed out Both.

SSKILLZ2975d ago

It's not as bad on the ps3 I'm on level 15 and so far it's awesome

Motorola2975d ago

No screen tearing on ps3 :) only 1 freeze so far but tht was a 4 hour play session of this and mw2 plus the 5 gb install

PirateThom2975d ago

Yeah, it's been pretty solid on PS3 for me, 1 freeze after 40 minutes and nothing for the next 7 hours... this was all in one session.

NecrumSlavery2975d ago

3 freezes and once I completed a quest while talking to a girl cause i already did what she asked of me. I didnt say I'll do it, I told her I already been there. So I got the quest complete and XP, but the thing never showed up under QUESTS as an unhighlighted quest, just added to my general number of completed quests, which is gay. I should of said I'll do it, let it activate and talked to her again. Other than that many scorpions end up clipping in a rock or in the ground sometimes, which I dont mind cause it makes it easy to kill them. I did have a dead mintaur thing pop out of the ground once in front of

But this game has so much to do, it's nuts. I finished the first two main quests with trophies, then wanted to to some exploring. The one side quest that I am doing now has taking me 5 hours or so, and I has brought me through 10 other sidequests and also includes a companion. It's so indepth, I probably longer than Fallout'3 entire story by the time I get done with it all. So to anyone who hates on this game, don't. Cause it is insanely massive.

15+ hours in, and I haven't even gotten into Vegas yet.

ExposingLames2975d ago

wow, i read that seems this game can even rival a rockstar game in sheer

andrewsqual2975d ago

Wow did nobody think to load up the game on PS3? I downloaded version 1.01 five hours ago, even before this article was published. The patch is out on PS3, in Ireland anyway.

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