NYtimes: With Kinect, Microsoft Aims for a Game Changer

The mass-market introduction of Kinect — with its almost magical gesture and voice-recognition technology — stands as Microsoft’s most ambitious, risky and innovative move in years. Company executives hope that Kinect will carry the Xbox beyond gamers to entire families. But on a grander note, the technology could erase a string of Microsoft’s embarrassing failures with mobile phones, music players, tablets and even Windows from consumers’ minds and provide a redemptive beat for the company.

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MultiConsoleGamer2856d ago

Kinect won't be a game changer but it will help the company buy some time. And it will further extend Microsoft's 2nd place position.

EvilBlackCat2856d ago




RageAgainstTheMShine2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

wow at the sensationalism!

the EyeToy had none of this PR celebrity hype train M$ is known for yet most of the games Kinect has a re just rip off of that EyeToy game Anti Grav especially that Sonic game

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KratosGirI2856d ago

I thought the lag was the biggest turn-off for Kinect when I first tried it yesterday.

Bigpappy2856d ago

The lag differs from game to game.

KratosGirI2855d ago

I played Kinect Joy Ride, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports and Kinectimals. While there wasn't much lag in Kinect Sports and Kinectimals, the other 2 titles had horrible lag.

But all of them had a really laggy menu navigation.

deadreckoning6662856d ago

How long did the calibration take?

Chuvanes2856d ago

so lag is better than long calibration

ECM0NEY2856d ago

The lag is the worse part. For me it didn't register jumping till I was back on the ground.

uxo222856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

okay "KRATOSGIRL" wow no shame at all.

Seriously, why would someone name "KRATOS" anything want to try Kinect?

I call BS!

Rainstorm812856d ago

so you cant like kratos and play xbox?

Uncharted is one of my fav franchises does that mean i cant play Gears???

KratosGirI2855d ago



That comment was so fucking stupid >__>

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Ahasverus2856d ago

But people buying kineck don't care so I'd not be worried about it if I was MS =P.
It's a great idea though, I hope it sells well so it's more money for microsoft game division and perhaps they will make a fine hardcore game :)

0oAngeluso02856d ago

I got to play it at an event in Orlando, Florida and it was almost spot on. I mean you cant complain, especially compared to the Wii and Move, which use bulky controllers. I cant wait till November 4th! Can you say Midnight launch? Kinect has been all over twitter today, everyone and their mother was using it and praising it today. Cant wait.

Software_Lover2856d ago

bulky controllers. Almost had me there.

0oAngeluso02856d ago

Plus they lag much more IMHO. The Wii is about as Accurate as a blind person at a shooting range. Kinect is something new and I for one am excited for it and I don't care how many disagrees I get on a website. It's a positive article and most about Kinect have been, yet when anyone here tries to say anything positive they get slammed. I've never been one to care much about what people think about me, so to each their own. Not sure why someone would be upset about Kinect doing well. So insecure over something so trivial.

MajestieBeast2856d ago

Nice stealth trolling you tried there. I think its worse that people like you, are saying its the best thing since sliced bread. When it obviously isnt then go on to say that the wii is trash and kinect is better when every demo thats been shown just proves how crap kinect is. When its even a live demo and not some guy trying to mimic the screen and then fail horribly. Atleast the lineup has more than the big red ball whacking game now.

0oAngeluso02856d ago

I said it wasn't accurate, same with Move. I said I was excited for Kinect. How is that making me a "Stealth troll"? I cant say I prefer something that isn't Sony or Nintendo? I understand how concerned some of those Sony and Nintendo fans are, but trust me people are going to like what they want to like. I've tried Kinect, own a Wii and PS3, so not a troll or fanboy. It's just something I'm excited for.

DigitalRaptor2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

You're only saying that because in your heart of hearts you want Kinect to be something special. When in reality all that Kinect will offer is something that the EyeToy produced, but augmented to fit the current tech. You'll still face the same limitations and on-rails type experiences that came with the EyeToy.

It's something different I'll say that, but not much different from what Sony achieved with EyeToy on PS2. The only major difference is the massive hype that MS has brought with Natal/Kinect.

You have the right to be excited for Kinect, but please don't call it more accurate than Playstation Move, because we all know it's not. Move has already proven to be 1:1 motion, with lag on some games. Whilst Kinect almost always lags and you don't have the same depth of response in the experiences, nor the acccuracy, nor the feedback, nor the same abilities as buttons would have. All of that outweighs any possible advantage Kinect has, besides multimedia functions such as "Xbox Play Movie". The games will be turd, there's no escaping that.

btk2856d ago

640x480 @30fps.
Not much one can do with those specs.
Very funny how all videos shows lag -except the stage managed ones that show precognition at times... So it is really funny to read comments on the lagless experience of Kinect in posts that sounds more than an advert than actual comments. "Everyone and their mother praising it" lol

Game changing? rotflol...
It is a slow low resolution camera. You can not do what the tech does not allow for. But... let the BS roll on.

shadyiswin2856d ago

Funny how videos.....funny how I was amazed it's more accurate that the wii which is pretty much all you need. I was especting close to wii but not as accurate. It's much better than wii right under move and some games have 1:1, yes some do, I know the your fitness does, anyways try it before you go on videos. Those videos could be old and on beta hardware, it was spot on everytime I played it. Going back this wednesday to finish paying for the pre order, I might upload a video of the non existant lag.

lowcarb2856d ago

Ah shut up....If you don't like then don't buy it that simple. The millions of potential owners could careless about a whining PS3 fanboy online. Kinect is going to rock and make your head explode come release.

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