PAX '07 Overwhelmingly Large Photo Set

These are pictures from the Penny Arcade Expo. This is pretty much just day 3, with a couple other ones that XBL Radio didn't upload earlier. This is probably the largest photo set you will see coming from this event.

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Syko4129d ago

First off sorry about the reports for the "I" in the story. Because it turns out you were the one that took the photos, lol. (Probably easier to edit it, than try to explain that though.)

Anyways, some great photos and a lot of em' too! man and I am jealous I couldn't go. I would've killed to play Rock band. If you played it give me some feedback on how it was.

Steve5194129d ago

it was one hell of an awesome game. The only real negative thing about it was that it doesn't have much forgiveness as far as the timing of hitting the keys but its a great game. No wireless on the 360 as well, but you do get a usb hub (the 360 only has 3 usb ports and the game has 4 controllers)