Two Worlds: Xbox 360 - An independent review

A small independent site writes a detailed & informative review: The review reports that there are many complaints but they are all petty issues that, while they take away from the game a little, they do not destroy it. The game overall is wonderful. Fighting is fun, exploring is fun, there is lots to see and do - and stuff you can visit that won't even make sense until later in the game.

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Loudninja3948d ago

before saying its the same thing

MK_Red3948d ago

I think the game is worth a try. I'm really curious to see how much different this is from Oblivion.

InMyOpinion3948d ago

Agreed. A game that has knights in huge medieval armors wielding two handed swords in wide-open grasslands with green woods and hills is worth a try if you ask me =)

ShiftyLookingCow3948d ago

if you got GameFly or something similar, it wouldn't hurt. I just cant get over that man eating bear

Sexius Maximus3948d ago

I however would give it closer to an 8.5-9. It really is a work of art...but yes they're are a few glitches. Hopefully a patch will be out soon. If you liked Oblivion, give this a try. It really is great, but bad word of mouth started with the PC's poor launch and it has snowballed from there. Get out there and judge it for'll be pleased.

Evoluti0n3948d ago

It's one of those games where it sucks at first but the more you play it, the more you can't stop playing it. When I fist started it up, I was like 'WTF is this crap!?' Now I'm at work, and I'm thinking to myself 'Just five more hours, than I can go...' It's very addictive, and I personally like this better than Oblivion.

Just for 3 reasons.

1 - Duplicate armor, weapons, spell cards, rings; You can stack and make each one more powerful.

2 - The side quests are actually interesting and worth doing, unlike Oblivion. I remember playing Oblivion and the side quests would just drag on...not here.

3 - Making potions is more fun than you think, and it's easy. Pick five things that you can mix from your inventory, select them one-by-one, click on the kettle, BAM, you have a potion with Temporary/Permanent effects.

Guys at least rent it, if you like it, buy it; Plain and simple.

BubblesDAVERAGE3948d ago

You know what I find funny...wasn't this on x360 best lineup ever of the holiday season list..this and mass effect are turning out to be bombs along with blue dragon...yet same could be said for lair but not warhawk.....

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