Christ Centered Gamer: Medal of Honor Review

Christ Centered Gamer: "To gamers, the Medal of Honor name is usually synonymous with the World War II era. That era has sadly been visited ad nauseam by games spanning a number of genres, from shooters to strategy. EA recognized this and has brought about rebooting the series by bringing it to the modern age.

Two developers worked on Medal of Honor: Danger Close (which includes members who worked on the first Medal of Honor) handled the single-player portion, while DICE (of the Battlefield series) brought the multiplayer. The final product ends up missing the mark, which means players are left with an underwhelming campaign and a weak multiplayer component."

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MultiConsoleGamer2975d ago

Do faith and gaming mix? It will be interesting to find out. I applaud this site for having the courage to try and bring the two worlds together.

Overall this is a very well written review.

bostoner2974d ago

Nice review. I agree it has lots of flaws. It doesn't even deserve the 76... maybe a 68. The audio you said was good. I wouldn't be surprised if that was all DICE. The sound in the two Battlefield bad company games was stellar. They really got that down, from the guns to the echo effects in houses, its great. But wtf.... Christ Centered Gamer?? I think that is best kept to yourself.

muDD2974d ago

He can... Who the "hell" are u to say that he should keep that to himself..?

Good review.

bostoner2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

So would you want me reviewing a game with my religion.... something like atheism? They have nothing to do with each other. I would never include "God is santa clause for old people" on the same page people come to get gaming news.

muDD2974d ago

and many other...

it just seems when someone mentions Jesus, or Christ, or God, people like you always seem to say something... so twisted... hypocrites!

bostoner2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

@Crud wrong reply
Yea... you make no sense. how can I be a hypocrite? I don't visit any of those sites.... and they shouldn't be on the same screen as video game reviews either. I don't care what religion you are... just don't have your stance in plain sight when I'm trying to read something about a video game. Religion should be completely separate from a hobby. What do they even have to so with each other??? Not a thing. I'm pretty sure the J man wouldn't condone anyone playing violent video games let alone anyone who spending 300+ on something that played games. He supposedly was against riches and felt everyone should share wealth. So if you even care about your religion you shouldn't admit to killing people for hours on a war game anyways. especially on your "holy gamer" website. Just discredits you.

muDD2974d ago

I see you lack any intellectual process of thinking, instead you utter the same nonsense that originates from the same frame of mind of other hypocrites just like you. You use the freedom of speech to voice your opinion or belief on a subject, but when someone who may not have the same opinion as you uses that same freedom of speech, you tell them "Religion should be completely separate from a hobby." and " just don't have your stance in plain sight when I'm trying to read something about a video game." Your own words makes you a hypocrite. Like I said originally, who the "hell" are you to tell someone what they can or cannot express?? This is why people like you are ignorant and should highly invest their time into critical thinking classes.

bostoner2974d ago

I'm just saying its separate. They should be separate. I think you need to take some time thinking about how much your over thinking this. I'm not this anti religious hypocrite you keep saying I am. You need to take some reading comprehension classes because your not understanding what I'm saying. Plus its about 500 year knowledge that Religion and state should be separate. But you still see these asshole using it as a political jumping point. They most always represent rich America which isn't Jesus' cup of tea. In the same turn its like anything public. I'm just saying if you have any respect for your own religion you shouldn't have Christs name next to an article about a war game. Especially a religion that's moral values don't even condone the playing of such a violent video game. I will not be checking back on your response because you are like talking to a brick wall..... a dumb one. Oh by the way my sites called and this is my review of Kill people the video game.

muDD2974d ago

Again hypocrite, who the "hell" are you to tell someone that religion and hobbies "video games" should be seperate. You sound like a complete moron. Who the "hell" said video games is part of the state?? What the "hell" are you talking about. Besides the concept of religion and state being seperate is not even 500 years old, go back to school, you have no idea. That concept was created by the religious organizations to keep the government out of religious affairs, and not the other way around. It was designed to protect religion from the government. So go read a book...

Keero2973d ago

Hey guys, appreciate the feedback. And yeah, I was going to have about 66 for a score, but played a few more hours of Multiplayer, saw that it wasn't terrible, just... wasn't different enough, so I bumped up the score some.

As for the site's aims, we have a variety of reviewers, but for my writing and a few others, I'm working toward reviewing the "game" and showing people what kind of "content" one can expect. With a diverse audience, I'm not attempting to preach or spread a religious message. Readers could believe in Christ or not, what they believe is irrelevant to me. I'm reviewing a game and going the extra step and explaining what's really behind that T or M-rating. So maybe someone likes FPSs but doesn't like over the top blood, I want to offer that person the chance to decide for himself if he should get it. Or for a mom that want's to know what kind of content her son is playing. Or maybe the game blows and needed a few more months of work (Medal of Honor), then I want to inform people of that. :p

Again, thanks for the feedback. ^_^)_b

Mr Tretton2974d ago

Allah centered gamer laughs at these infidels!!!

muDD2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )