Black Ops Multiplayer Gameplay Montage

Call of Duty Black Ops Gameplay Multiplayer Montage, it features all game modes, some killstreaks and almost all weapons from the Stakeout to the the most anticipated weapon, the Ballistic Knife.

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DORMIN2972d ago

None of these videos ever work, because of Activision.

The game already leaked, they need to stop.

r1sh122972d ago

it works on firefox.
I would say 75% of the video is from gameplay from other sites and gameplay the treyarch and activision have shown us.
The person who made this has just edited all of it together and taken all the running etc out of the video.
Its someone trying to get website hits..
Dont waste time with this.

xg-ei8ht2972d ago

access denied.

Reminds me of a girl i once knew.

bonoob2972d ago

The video works just on MOZILLA & SAFARI!!!

flappersack2972d ago

No, it doesn't work on safari, but does on mozilla

news4ever2972d ago

in works also on safari