Black Ops Attack Dogs in Action

Call of Duty Black Ops's Attack Dogs kill streak in Action Video(works just on Mozilla and Safari)

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slownage2978d ago

this will be scary as $#%^, they are worse then zombies :D

AwesomeJizz2978d ago

So true I always freak out when i turn around and see a dog behind me

AllroundGamer2978d ago

or a RC car... but whats worse than seeing those is hearing those - paniiic! :)

WetN00dle692978d ago

lol, i agree man. Those dogs although easy to kill can be quite annoying when its 2 to 3 against you.

princejb1342977d ago

good thing i can burn them down with the flamethrower

plb2978d ago

I'm using Chrome. I get access denied error.

Speed-Racer2978d ago

Are so many IE users pissed. Worked for me in both Chrome and FF. Your Internetz must suck then .

Speed-Racer2977d ago

Lol 14 disagrees...a lot of people must have some crappy internet... time to stop using that cheap stuff

soundslike2977d ago

or maybe they just think you're being a cunt. *hint hint*

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humble_gamer2978d ago

right below the video and you will see why

GoldPS32978d ago

Don't work for me either but here's a vid I found

Speed-Racer2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Somehow BO sounds like just MW2... same lines, same menus...

the dogs look koool though. ppl will be shaking like when a chopper gunner in MW2 comes to hunt haha

SoSLy2978d ago

only noobs shake when theres a chopper gunner in MW2....

AllroundGamer2978d ago

does anyone know how long will the dogs be in the map? till someone kills them?

AusWarrior2978d ago

They keep spawning for a limited amount of time, not sure how long though.

AusWarrior2978d ago

It would be hilarious if dogs could climb ladders.

AllroundGamer2978d ago

or they would evolve into something "else" if they kill a certain number of soldiers :)

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The story is too old to be commented.