Heavenly Sword: Screenshots & Reviews

More and more Heavenly Sword reviews are emerging on online gaming sites – most recent are IGN UK / US, Gamepro and EGM. Here's a round up of most of the review scores so far. They're quite a mixed bunch, such is the subjective nature of reviewing.

Edge Magazine: 60%
IGN UK: 7/10 (70%)
IGN US: 7/10 (70%)
PSW: 80%
EGM: 8, 8, 9 (85%)
Gamepro: 4.5/5 (90%)
Play Magazine: 100%

Also in Heavenly Sword news, threespeech got a bunch of new screenshots to share fresh from the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany.

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MK_Red3919d ago

I thought EGM had given it 8/10. 8.5 (85%) from EGM is a great score but still, a bit unfair IMO. HS deserves a 9 at the very least.

Thursday3919d ago

The production value of Heavenly Sword seems to be very high, and I'm really looking forward to this game.

What strikes me as a little odd is that reviews have come to matter so much when it comes to the success of a game. Demos have changed this somewhat, but people tend to forget that reviews are opinions, like yours and mine, and naturally there will be differences.

People, and most of all gamers, need to trust their own opinions and tastes more. Will HS be great? I don't know, cause I haven't played it, but it's on pre-order, and I will know soon enough. So will you.

Syko3919d ago

Not having played this at all yet, It is hard to tell from those reviews how good this game will be. That's just a crazy spread. 60% - 100%. Must be one of those hate it or love it games.

I need a friend with a PS3 that doesn't live an hour away so I can play more often....

Zhuk3919d ago

I trust IGN and Edge over Play Magazine and Gamepro. Heavenly Sword got rated as a GOOD game, not a GREAT game and that's what it deserves.

Too short, repititive and shallow gameplay, this game certainly hasnt shaped up to be a killer app at all, just like Lair and Warhawk.

Cat3919d ago

the demo was short, repetitive and shallow -- i have higher hopes for the game itself, but we'll see.

CG3919d ago

So this is suposed to be triple A lol, i think not!

rubarb233919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

i guess that's 2 of sony's trip AAA titles that have not delivered. HS did however turn out to be good, but just that. i guess if you average out HS's scores you'd probably get an 80% across the board, which again is good, but not great as some expected. i agree with what Syko 360 said, maybe it's a hate/love it kinda game. as far as lair goes.....we'll see if they've fixed the controls enough to make it a triple AAA title. i think the only review on the planet thus far is from egm and they say it's crap but then i'll wait to see what other magazine/game sites have to say to average out the score.

mighty_douche3919d ago

still not sure about this one, i think the graphics/textures and sounds etc are amazing but its just the gameplay im worried about!

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The story is too old to be commented.