Call of Duty : Black Ops Wii Uses its own Servers?

We've seen blue and we've seen red, but what the hell does black mean? This doesn't look like an official logo to me, but multiple retailers are using this boxart. I'm wondering if we'll see the logo replaced with an official Nintendo one before launch. Thanks to Jassim for the heads up!

UPDATE - Some people are saying that the logo is black/unofficial because it doesn't use Nintendo's official servers for the game. Seems like a great explanation to me!

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Shoko2974d ago

Dedicated servers confirmed?

CoreGamer2974d ago

it would be cool if this were true,
but if it isnt MWR had smooth online, so no real loss.

EvilTwin2972d ago

Some people complained about hit detection, but I never really had many problems in MWR. Its online was actually decent, especially compared to MOH:H2 and Conduit.

If they can iron out the pop-in problems (especially noticeable with scoped weapons), it'll be even better.

AEtherbane2972d ago

To bad I wont buy the wii version.
There are better Wii shooters coming out anyways.

gamer81792972d ago

You got to give treyarch some credit for trying hard to make the wii version as good as possible.

tunaks12972d ago

treyarch supports wii more then 80% of 3rd party devs.