Two Worlds 360 Review: 7/10 From GamesRadar

Ye olde Oblivion might-have-been:

There's a decent game lurking under the sesame seed bun, and none of its problems are deal-breakers in themselves. But too much of the action leaves a niggling annoyance in your mouth. Two Worlds is worth a play, but only when you've exhausted the competition. And invested in ear plugs for when the characters start talking.

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SuperSaiyan44131d ago

According to one of the devs as a guy on the official Two Worlds forum went to PAX and asked him some questions.

I cancelled my pre-order, I think I will wait until the patch comes out as there are far too many problems with this game to part with my money.

mike_mgoblue4131d ago

If you enjoyed Oblivion, then you will also enjoy Two Worlds...there is absolutely no doubt about that. The two games are very similar. Each game has pluses and minuses. I don't know what the complaint is about glitches and stuff; the PS3 version of Oblivion had it so you could walk through walls and walk upside down because of all the glitches. All I can say is that Two Worlds is all about one word: FUN!!!

alexander22rednaxela4131d ago

I expected this game to be great, the game looks like there is great ideas in it, though it is clouded by issues drawing you out of the experience.

The biggest issues I saw was bad dialogue, chaotic blood effect, and slow-downs.

InMyOpinion4131d ago

Better than I thought. I'm gonna get it, cause I loved Oblivion and I like these types of RPG's.

Havince4131d ago

not been much said on this

is it any good, any problems etc

MK_Red4131d ago

GamesRadar liked the multiplayer as they said "Fun multiplayer". It most be good I presume.

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The story is too old to be commented.