Call of Duty: Black Ops Almost Leaks On Xbox 360, Foiled By Investigators

Black Ops almost leaked earlier this week, and created drama for several individuals. Called "Blackgate" by one man who found himself tangled up in the mess, we've put together a breakdown of exactly what happened after reviewing all of the tell-all videos posted up on Youtube..

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360nPS3rTheSAME2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

treyarch is playing you

NYC_Gamer2973d ago

the game will find its way online regardless

wwedx2973d ago

I found this very amusing LOL!

Chnswdchldrn2973d ago

pirate for me

fuck you activision and your shit game

Gliz92973d ago

So, it's a shit game, yet your taking the time to pirate it?


Chnswdchldrn2973d ago

if it werent Id buy it

Lol at your logic

Gliz92972d ago

Ok my logic is like this.

Fuck you activision, ok so you don't like activision.
Shit game, ok so you do not like Black ops

Going to pirate, means that you still want to play the game just not pay even though its shitty.

Thats like saying "Oh man that movie is going to be so bad! Can't wait to pirate it and watch it". What kind of logic is that?

Are you saying that you like playing shitty things then? Like I could recommended you watch Jersey shore too then man.

edhe2972d ago

Bubble up for the reality check.

People who 'hate' activision and their 'shit game' will probably spend more time & effort in obtaining & playing it than those who bought it.

I'm guessing these are the kind of people that 'hate' 'bitches' and can't wait to beat up those damn h0s they love so much and have families with.


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