Online Passes, Good or bad?

As you may have noticed through this year more and more game developers are working to target illegal pirates. The way that they are tackling this problem is by implementing a one time code to play the game on its multiplayer feature. This way does create a bit of an argument between customers....

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socomnick2976d ago

Really bad. I havent bought an Ea since.

Pandamobile2976d ago

Your loss, really.

Can you blame a company for trying to get some money out of people that buy used games?

poindat2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

If they want the money, then they should make a game that people perceive has having enough value to buy new. Consumers vote with their wallets, and that is a way to increase the quality of games, by showing dissatisfaction through the purchasing of used titles rather than new.

And honestly, if someone is stringent enough to buy games used, what makes publishers think that they'll be willing to pay more to access a portion of the game. They brought it used for a reason, to spend less money. -.-

foss32976d ago

Last time I checked it wasn't illegal to resell an item that you own.

EA is entitled to add an additional layer so they can make more money, but that is the only reason it's being done. This is same as releasing a title and then having a $9.99 DLC that basically unlocks something already on the game disc.

It's lame and a cheap money grab. Especially from a company that releases the same exact sports titles year in and year out and STILL they want to find a way to cash in on the consumer.

Darrius Cole2976d ago

Yes, you can. They should either sell the product or not. Once they sell it, the person who bought it deserves ALL the money from its re-sale.

HSx92976d ago

kind of annoyed, I had to do a data transfer on my PS3, and on Medal Of Honor it now says my VIP code is invalid, really ticked off about it, I lost my exclusive guns and I'm pretty sure I lost the free DLC that was to come in the future.

hesido2975d ago

I've heard, people in the same household cannot use the single online pass provided, is this true? I have not bought a game with online pass until now (I bought BFBC2 with the VIP pass, but that's different, yet still somewhat annoying)

If they want each and every person to have their own online passes on a single PS3, that suck even worse.

Last time I checked, COD had no such restriction, yet it is selling gazillions new, not second hand. Call of Duty games stay in top 10 list for years, without this silly online pass thing. And it is from Activision, to our surprise.

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MariaHelFutura2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I`m just glad they found a way to keep you from of being online.

PS3Freak2976d ago

I was going to say it was a bad thing, but I don't want to be on the same page as someone like socomnick.

So, way to go EA!

dirtydbz2976d ago

well I am sure a place like gamestop could probably get a code if you purchased a used game from them
I know I bought a copy of red dead redemption new and they gave me a code for free dlc and this was several months after realease.
I am sure gamestop could acomplish something like that

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LiamG2976d ago

I think that there should be an alternate way of doing it but then again I have no idea what they could do.

Neckbear2976d ago

I mean, I get it, sometimes you're short on budget, but when an used copy is only 5$ less than a new one, and with the new one you're supporting the developers, why don't you just buy it?

gamingisnotacrime2976d ago

if someone buys a product they have ownership over it and the person can decide to sell it. buy used or new, is all within the laws of our market

hikayu2976d ago

because grandma dont give a dam about devs , that's why =D .

the fact is : many parents buy game for their kids without knowing anything about the game , and to them , 5$ is still money . chances are , this prevent many 12 years old kid from playing online ...
i dont know how effective it is , but at least it is something .

foss32976d ago

If a dev makes a game that is good quality, a good value, and well supported, people will buy it and support the dev.

Things like this "online pass" are just cheap money grabs by greedy publishers.

Personally, what would have been less offensive is if they cut the price of the games by $10, let's say selling at $49.99 then you could if you wanted to play online, get the $9.99 online pass key.

The way it is now is really lame.

gamingisnotacrime2976d ago

make good games, we will gladly pay for it

KillerPwned2976d ago

Correct you are as long as their are good games sure add a online pass to it no biggie.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2976d ago

if they are good games and if i can buy it used i wud so whats yur point?

gamingisnotacrime2976d ago

so good games make it more likely for gamers to decide to buy new just to get it/

KillerPwned2976d ago

The hole pass thing does not bother me at all. I usually dont buy games used anyway. The only thing it affects is you getting the extra stuff in Multiplayer. I think we should be thankful they could of been dicks and made up something way worse.

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