Call of Duty: Black ops Zombie Reveal Next Week?

The numbers "47093" on top of the Television Sets on, A website that is confirmed to be the place Activision/Treyarch is showing off Zombie Teasers, has been "Decoded" By a very observant PS3 fan of the series.

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mordakai82976d ago

whats with the reports??

Nitrowolf22975d ago

whats up with your math?

Nitrowolf22975d ago

what kind of math are they doing?
to me it just looks like they tries to make sense of it by doing fake math and trying to get a date close to halloween.
i might be wrong
tell me

Tapey2975d ago

Yeah it's fucking stupid and in no way news worthy just because some jackass was using a dumb nonsensical excuse for maths to try and decipher some kind of date.

This is why random idiots with blogs shouldn't be allowed to submit news reports. Just vote the site down so we get no more articles from it.

ddurand12975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

it would sense to do it on or near halloween.

zombies, costumes, halloween, etc

-Judge_Fudge2975d ago

i think there just reading into this a bit much i mean there doing math to find out a feature reveal. treyarch already said there was gonna be zombies so just wait like 3 weeks and play zombie mode

snaileri2975d ago

G is 7th letter in the alphabet, so 7 means G
0(zero) is same as o
so it's 'Go' so far
4 is A.. so 'Goa'
7(again) means T. 'Goat'
4 - 9 = 5, 5 means S. 'Goats'
and finally, 3 means e.

'Goatse' :O !!!!
The game will feature a Goatse-man zombie!
Hurry up spread this rumor!

Matthew942975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

if he gets too close he sucks you inside...

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The story is too old to be commented.