Sierra 117 gameplay footage

A gameplay video of the Halo 3 campaign level Sierra 117.

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X_GAMER_X3976d ago

not amazing so I dont know what AMAZING is..
Even with poor quality video u could see the great gameplay and graphic.
Lets see what Haze devolopers got to say against that.. loool

deepio3976d ago

Exactly, even with the crappy quality of that video, it still looked amazing. Just imagine it on a big HD screen with sound pumping out all around you, it'll be awesome!

gamesR4fun3976d ago

looks good hopefully my dad will bring over the ol 360 after he picks it up. (the advantages of owning the only big high def tv in the family)

crazyman3976d ago

Halo will feel wierd without elites to kill. Oh well I do like what I have seen of the brutes so far.

BrainDrain3976d ago

Who says there won't be elites to kill somewhere along the line:) Heck, we haven't even seen the flood, but we know they are in the game. This was definately a great looking level and I know Bungie will not reveal all just yet. I'm sure there's alot more to the game than we've seen.

iNcRiMiNaTi3976d ago

remember how u had to kill some elites while u were the arbiter?

crazyman3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Yeah thats true but that was because they were rebels, and so are all the elites now.

But I trust bungie to add some unknown facet to the story. Halo 1 had the flood, halo 2 had brutes, maybe halo 3 will have the forerunners, or a new covenant species.

I'm looking forward to see if what UK OXM said was true, and that there are AI spartans during the campaign.

Edit: Well they did say that they were easily good enough to give the brutes a run for their money. But I think they'll probaly be spartan 3's if they are in, because nearly all the spartan 2's are accounted for.

iNcRiMiNaTi3976d ago

i doubt there will be an army of those, if there is and they die easily then master chief's "race" isnt all that special then...they'll just be more generic grunts like the marines

deepio3976d ago

Apparently there won't be any AI Spartans showing up in Halo 3. This is what Brian "Sketch" Jarrard said in 1up's latest podcast...

"I was hoping there would be some acknowledgment of other Spartans in Halo 3, something, anything that shows they exist outside of the books. I would settle for a short quip from a cinematic character, an actual appearance by one in a cinematic would be even cooler. As far as AI Spartans are concerned...while it would be awesome, I don't see a way they could be practically implemented. No one wants to see a named Spartan (Kelly, Fred, Linda...) ingloriously gunned down by a grunt, or stuck with a spike grenade. The only solution would be to make them invincible, or have the level reset if one died. To me, that wouldn't make for overly good gameplay."

That's not to say that he ain't lying to throw us off track of course, but it is looking very doubtful.

crazyman3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Well I agree its unlikely, but OXM seemed to think that they were Spartans in Mjolnir armour.

They said "You'll be able to custonise your appearence in multiplayer, but in campaign mode you'll see the armour worn by AI controlled Spartans. As mighty as they are, these soldiers are pitted against an equaly fearsome fighting force - the brutes."

Its likely they were confused and meant marines but the reference to the armour is strange. I supoose they could have meant ODST who look slightly similar but we'll find out soon enough. Also it is possible taht they were watching a saved film and saw master chief and mistook him for another spartan.

Edit: they also mentioned ity in a recent breakdown of a clip of single player footage they were shown.

"When Bungie said blink and you'll miss it, it was right. But we spotted them - Spartans! For the first time in a Halo game MC looks to have back up in the form of other Spartan warriors. We briefly saw an AI-controlled Spartan run over to a new type of vehicle we've never seen or heard of before, jump on and join the battle. This new vehicle could only carry one person, and hovered around quickly like a Ghost. It's design appeared to have been influenced by those circular fossils Time Team digs up and the Spartan rode it like you would a huge Harley Davidson! The multiple levels of the environment housed turrets that had been manned by both Covenant and human soldiers. Everyone was firing everything they had, or could get their hands on, at each other - all at"

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God of Gaming3976d ago

I had to stop that half way through... I am going on a single player blackout until it is released... I am convinced it will be gorgeous and epic so I need not spoil any more :)

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