GamesTM review scores

The latest GamesTM review scores include Fallout: New Vegas, Vanquish, EA Sports MMA, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, and much more.

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FlyWestbrook2794d ago

Good Fallout score. It's a good game.
But all I can say is "WTF" for the Professor Layton review. This and Edge's score are a lot different than others.

PhilipLarkin2794d ago

Edge always have 'different' scores

Yi-Long2794d ago

GamesTM is a great magazine though. I wonder why they gave Layton only a 6, although one can assume it's because it's still pretty much the same thing as the first one. I'm sure fans of the series will still love it.

Good score for Vanguish as well btw.

Can't wait to receive my copy of the mag.

Neckbear2793d ago

It feels like, most of the time, EDGE knows what's the difference between a perfect game (A.K.A. a 9 or a 10) and a good, but flawed game (6, 7 and 8.).

Besides, I can agree with most of their scores and reviews. Keyword being MOST, because sometimes I disagree with them, as well.

NecrumSlavery2793d ago


EDGE has a tendency to find the worst in everything Sony(minus LBP) and the digrade those games for those smallest of pointless imperfections. Other companies get the praise for doing the samething twice. Just saying.

scar202793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

A 6 for sengoku basara samurai heroes i declare shaningans its a good game its not perfect but wat game is perfect i give it a 8.And for 40 its a steal so much replay value in it.