The Sly Collection Release Date Confirmed?

Online retailers seem to confirm the release date for The Sly Collection, coming in November.

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The Hunter2799d ago

November is PS2-HD Remake Collection month :)

The Sly, PoP, Splinter Cell and Mortal Kombat Collections!

dude_meister2799d ago

I thought it was only MK in November? Cos I haven't heard anything about the others, obviously other than Sly right now.

TheLastGuardian2799d ago

It's confirmed for an exact date instead of just November. I was beginning to think it was going to get delayed like all the other holiday 2010 PS3 exclusives did.

showtimefolks2799d ago

i didn't know pop,sc and MK were coming in HD have i been sleeping under a rock

Blacktric2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Splinter Cell Collection didn't confirmed by Ubisoft and it's not on the list of any major retailer right now. Same goes for Mortal Kombat Collection.

Edit: @below

And only Sly Collection is coming out in November for US. European gamers will also be getting Prince Of Persia Trilogy and that's all. Only Zavvi lists Splinter Cell Collection with a release date of November 26 2010 which is unlikely since they didn't announced it.

showtimefolks2799d ago

isn't confirmed for usa either only sly and ico/sotc

The Hunter2799d ago (big dutch online retailer)

Here are some big retailers who has listed the Splinter Cell Collection ;)

FACTUAL evidence2799d ago

I can't wait for this~~!!!!!!!

tinybigman2798d ago

i loved the Cooper series on PS2 and this HD remake is a day one purchase the minute its released.

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Def Warrant2799d ago

I hate these traffic hungry websites. The release date is either confirmed or isn't. What's with the questions mark? We don't know!

TheLastGuardian2799d ago

shut up. it's not confirmed but It's very likely. I've been waiting for this news.

Persistantthug2799d ago

When are we gonna get a freakin release date for GT5?

TOO PAWNED2799d ago

So many games, so little time and limited budget.

Qui-Gon Jim2799d ago

If you have to put a question mark at the end, then it's NOT confirmed.

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