Call of Duty- Black Ops – Sharpshooter HD Gameplay

GamingBolt: Another video from the closed BETA of CoD: Black Ops, this time showing us some sharpshooting action.

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Akagi2971d ago

How? How does it look fun? Looks exactly like MW2.

JLeVRT2971d ago

And MW2 wasnt a bad game at all. Sure it had it's flaws... but im sure as hell you bought it.

vickers5002971d ago

And Killzone 3 looks exactly like Killzone 2. And Fallout New Vegas looks exactly like Fallout 3. And God of War 3 looks (and by looks, I mean plays) exactly like God of War 1 & 2.

That doesn't mean they're going to be any less fun.

But it's pointless arguing with a child such as yourself. If you cannot understand and respect that people have different opinions than you, then I feel really do sorry for you.

ps3alldayeveryday2971d ago

What you just said is soo true. All I see is a bunch of hate towards a game that trying to improve the series all together especially after the whole MW2 debacle.

xYLeinen2971d ago

Gotta agree with Akagi. If you liked MW2 then you might like this in the perspective of "fun". Except from that this looks exactly the same as MW2 with different weapons and different maps.

imvix2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Will be funny when people who own MW2 have to pay for the same maps in a DLC for black ops lol.

edit: Why the disagree, people willingly paid for maps they owned in MW1. COD series remains on my avoid list.

dead_eye2971d ago

Did you not see the weapon cycle?? Don't remember that in MW2. Get perks by getting kill streaks didn't see that in MW2. There's more too.

deadreckoning6662971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

"Will be funny when people who own MW2 have to pay for the same maps in a DLC for black ops lol"

HAVE to? I wasn't aware that paying for DLC was mandatory.

@imvix- Well, I'm still not really 100% on getting Black Ops or not. I mean..I really REALLY want it..but at the same time, I don't wanna get buttraped by Activision's insane DLC prices. To make matters worse, I missed Amazon's pre-order deal when they were offering $20 credit..which I could have used towards DLC.

But as far as your comment is concerned, I really don't believe people are that stupid to pay for old maps(I could be wrong). The ONLY other maps I would buy are the zombie map packs and thats it.

The main reason I'm inclined to get Black Ops is the zombie mode, but then again, I could just wait for the inevitable release of L4D3 on the PS3 and just keep on playing BC2 until then.

From what I hear, Black Ops has over a dozen maps at launch which is a hell of a lot more than I'm used to having. BC2 and Uncharted 2 are my top 2 MP games and neither of them even have 10 maps.

I doubt people will NEED the DLC anytime soon.

imvix2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )


When your friends are playing the DLC maps are you going to quit playing?

Bottom line console gamers should be asking for dedicated servers and the ability to port old maps and create new ones. Selling maps as DLC is pure milking at best.


I got better games to play then pay for this rehashed crap. your welcome to buy it though :) save up for the DLC maps you already own though.


MP is a social experience, have fun playing alone if your friends do buy the DLCs. Most likely people will be forced to buy, which is not a good trend.

I dont see the harm in asking for the ability to make custom maps or the ability to port old ones. Its a win win situation for gamers.

getonmylev3l2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

You're doing a great job of "avoiding" the CoD series.

@imvix And by avoiding I meant, if you despise this game soooooo much why the FUCK are you commenting on a Call of Duty article. You obviously have some sort of emotional attachment to the series like an ex-gf.

15 bucks is nothing to me brah, I got a full-time job.

dead_eye2971d ago

@imvix seeing as deadreckoning666 can't reply I will. You can still play with friends who don't have the DLC it just disables the extra maps. So don't see that as a problem.

dead_eye2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

@imvix Sorry if your friends won't play with you just because you don't have the DLC. I don't have that problem 1, I don't mind spending a bit of money on things I enjoy 2, I don't mind playing with people who don't have the DLC you see MP is a social thing so if I don't get to play a few maps that's fine if I'm playing with mate.

vickers5002970d ago

"I dont see the harm in asking for the ability to make custom maps or the ability to port old ones. Its a win win situation for gamers."

A custom map creator? Are you serious? Activision only gives their dev teams like 2 years, and you want them to implement a map creator? Not to mention, 2 years building a map creator and then expecting it to be glitch free (or at least close to it) would be a hard task for the devs with the limited freedoms they are given from those a$$holes at Activision.

You do realize how few games (console wise) have actually done that this gen, don't you? I can only think of a few: Far Cry 2, Halo 3+ (I think), and... well I can't think of any others (I'm talking about FPS and TPS here, platformers and kart racers don't count).

That would be awesome, but it's too much to ask for, and it's not going to happen.

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Wallonsi2971d ago

Did you see him get spawnkilled (or spawn knifed rather)?

ClaveroRulz2971d ago

Where is the "sharpshooter" part? All i can see is pure arcade crap

jdktech20102971d ago

Obvious reason #1 why you haven't even followed this game and you are speaking with a lack of information.

Sharpshooter refers to a game mode where weapons cycle every 60 seconds (I believe) and you get perks by killing people. If you die, you lose the perk bonuses until you kill again

I don't understand some people and there apparent need for attention in bashing a game they don't even care about

ClaveroRulz2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Yeah i care about the game, that's why i said arcade crap ;)

@ Sharpshooter, Try to catch the sarcasm next time little boy

kingjoker342971d ago

Anybody else see this guy SUCKS.

NickX2971d ago

One thing I've noticed about Black Ops is the maps look about ten times better than MW2.

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