Call Of Duty: Black Ops Flame Thrower Gameplay

Another leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops video which shows a Demolition match where the player uses the flame thrower attachment.

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Hideo_Kojima2976d ago

But the graphics are so much worst than MW2 :(
I was expecting them to at list stay the same.

This is like a cartoon now.

-Judge_Fudge2976d ago

are you trollin or just plain stupid?

Hideo_Kojima2975d ago

:( am seriously not trolling.
The look like they have even less detail.

I don't know maybe am wrong since most people dont see it.

seinfan2975d ago

I'm beginning to think these Black Ops "new articles" are simply spam.

GaMe012976d ago

I know people are going to complain about things like this but come on it really is not that effective I mean how many people would give this guy enough time to get close to them.

GaMe012976d ago

Why the hell he throw hes care package like that at 4:53

Serjikal_Strike2976d ago

enemy tries to steal it...shoot him!

you dont do this in MW2?

OdinX2976d ago

There are some players that share their care package also. I don't really think any enemy would be stupid enough to go steal a CP in the middle of the street where their opponent has a clear line of sight at them.

BooZe2976d ago

I'm so glad that the flamethrower is shitty (balanced).

TengkuAmir102976d ago

Don't be such a whiner. Just because you're gonna get killed a lot by it, doesn't mean you have to tell the whole world how much COD is "noob friendly" and how much "unbalanced" it is.

BooZe2976d ago

That's exactly what i'm going to do. Modern Warfare 2 is unbalanced and not fun in any way, which is why i'm happy that Treyarch cares about balance in a multiplayer game.

If you're one of those Danger Close, One Man Army and Noobtube kinda gamers in Modern Warfare 2, it's cool man. I'm just not into that nasty stuff.

JeffGUNZ2976d ago

I really think he meant he IS happy it's not OVER powered. You ever play Gears 2 with the flamethrower? Thing was a cheat code basically. I was worried that this would be too deadly, but it appears to be balanced nicely. I am so pumped for this game.

karl2976d ago

im with BooZe on this one...

its cool that it doesnt seem very effective..

@TengkuAmir10 .. dude you r the kind that would kill u with a nuke and claim that it was pure aim and skill.. LOL

and cod is noob friendly and unbalanced..

GaMe012976d ago

@ Serjikal_Strike

Na I don't but then again I never have care package on

Microsoft_Spokesman2975d ago

Why does the title card appear even for a 3 killstreak?

MGRogue20172976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

... What's really cool about this attachment is that no one will know your using it 'cause it's so discreet & small.. unless of course they see you using it in killcam.

Just pop it out at anytime & blast away! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.