Killzone 3 should avoid being a frag fest

destructoid:I know Killzone 2 multiplayer is somewhat still active, but I'll talk about it as past, now that the new Killzone is coming.

Killzone 2 had great multiplayer, and emphasis on team-play was great. To win, people had to work as a team. However, people love to earn points. They want to be the top player in team. Strangely, they forget that winning would earn them 1.5x points, not contentrating on winning but securing more points in a short time, while waiting for other "suckers" on his team to complete the objectives. Sure, incapacitating enemy helps the team win, but this has to be done near the objective, not the other end of the map................

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deadreckoning6662974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Completely agree with the article. I encountered the same problems when I used to play KZ2. In a KZ2 Warzone match, half the team actually tries to achieve the objective and the other half just tries to get kills to benefit THEMSELVES. GG needs to give the people who complete the objectives more of a reward.

D4RkNIKON2974d ago

That is how MAG is set up. You get more points for repairing something near the objective or killing people near the objective.

killcycle2973d ago

Thats why i love MAG.
Your rewarded for so much more then just killing.

Hideo_Kojima2973d ago

I was playing Killzone 2 yesterday in Tharsis Depot and it was chaotic... too chaotic.

Downtown boogey2973d ago

KZ2 really was way too chaotic sometimes, I agree! 32 players in certain maps was too much and often the superior team would irrevocably push the opposing team into their base.

Gago2973d ago

Yea i remember in kz2 the enemy team would spawn trap you and keep spamming the cooked grenades, it would go on for like 10 mins but they would always kill a good amount of people

it was only fun when it wasnt happening to you

-Alpha2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Pretty meh article, just stick in the forums, why does everyone with a site have to write a brief comment on their pondering?

I do agree though, that K2 had a lot of problems that ruined the core gameplay, one of them being fragfests. In part it was the fault of poor spawn points, which was another thing that the community ruined. People were so stupid that K3 took away the feature all together. It's too bad.

You can carry 3 nades in K3 and that worries me.

But there a few bigger issues I'm noticing:

The infiltrator can go completely undetected by enemy players and bots AND has the abilities of an assault class (Extra armor and faster speed). Sounds ridiculously overpowered. They can also plant/defuse twice as fast. They also have a shotgun and since melee kills are now one hit kills you are going to have a very similar problem in MW2 with running classes meleeing everybody. They can also carry rockets.

Then there is the Marksman class that can stay completely invisible all the time, unless they kill an enemy with an unsilenced weapon. The only difference I think is that infiltrators can be spotted by enemy scans, but Marksman class will stay invisible forever. I'm really hoping these two classes don't become the "Cool Ninja" classes people use, I'm afraid that they may end up as the lone wolf classes.

I'm also seeing that the SMG can get easy kills from real long distances, which shouldn't happen. I'm hoping they up the amount of bullets to kill a person too. There was also an issue in K2 where you could get Headshots too easily. All you had to do was hipfire anywhere near the head and you got headshots effortlessly. I'm not seeing any of that so that's good too.

Besides that the gameplay is looking solid, I hope I win that twitter giveaway.

snowb4202974d ago

Marksmen aren't invisible forever, they're the same as they are in KZ2. And I haven't played a match in the beta where everyone was an infiltrator rushing eachother ( if that's what you mean by a similar problem in mw2). Also I haven't come across a match with everyone spamming grenades. The spawn system is a lot better then in KZ2, in bodycount I haven't been spawn killed once. I think taking away spawn grenades was the right decision as the enemy team can't just throw one right outside your base now. I'd type more but I'm using my PS3's browser because my PC is dead at the moment.

-Alpha2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

But how often have you played a full game? I thought beta invites weren't officially releasing until the 25th. Also, give it time, the potential is there for the game to end up that way, people are still exploring the game.

Marksman CAN stay invisible forever, it's one of their upgraded abilities. They can even kill undetected with a silenced weapon. From what I'm seeing the machine pistol is fairly good for CQC, so I don't expect to see marksman running in the open, but I guess this depends on map design. A predominantly CQC map can benefit the marksman class and infiltrator, and I'm hoping that there are good countermeasures for them.

The only way for them to lose the invisibility to my knowledge is if they make a kill with a unsilenced weapon. Everything else (running, shooting, etc) only ripples the suit.

I like the spawn system better in K2, I just think that the community wasn't smart enough to use it, so that's why this new system is more favorable realistically. The problem that comes is people know exactly where you will spawn, so hopefully there are enough spawn points and places for people to spawn. I too favor the new system, but only because the old system required common sense that the community unfortunately lacked.

snowb4202974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I've played at least 20 full matches. Sony sent me a code on the 20th. It is possible to spawn camp, but I've barely seen it happen. And if a sniper moves fast enough while they are cloaked they become fully visible just like in KZ2.

EDIT: I would be playing right now, but I got locked out for 24 hours when i downloaded the beta on my other PS3 (despite the info on the beta saying you can use it on more then one system).

-Alpha2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

OK-- thanks. Did the sniper you see running have the full ability unlocked? Or was he new?

"Stay cloaked indefinitely while firing weapon. Damaging an enemy player or moving around will cause the cloak to ripple for a short time. Mortally wounding or killing an enemy will disable the cloak unless using a silenced weapon."

So the cloak still ripples like in K2? If so then my worries are put to rest as a semi-smart team should be able to spot the marksman this way. I'm also seeing that the ammo runs out quickly for the machine pistol, which is good

What about the infiltrator class? And the SMG? How do you find those are working out? Also, how do you feel about the new damage?

cyborg69712974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Yes you can stay cloaked as long as you rank up and unlock that ability and unlock the silenced weapon. And not all melee's are one hit you have to get in very tight to the enemy to pull it off. I hope more peeps get into the beta cause it's tough to get a full warzone match now.

And alpha your spot on with kz2 and easy headshots. The beta seems to be about the same in that concern. And lately I've been using the "cool ninja" with the boost and shotty and it is a little overpowered. But fun nonetheless.

The melee is way better than the square dance polka fest in kz2 and great to watch, sometimes I'll just follow someone forever just to snap their neck only to be stabbed in the throat right after. I've seen many quad melee kills in the beta with a long line of body's it's great. Send me a friend invite when you get in the beta alpha same psn id as this one.

I'm loving the infiltrator class and the spot and mark is overpowered in the sense that your spotted for a long time. The smg is a gun I hardly used in kz2 but after using it nonstop now I like it better big clip and not to overpowering and as for long shots with it, its seems the same as before. The new damage is way better than klz2 gone are the days where you put a whole clip in the torso only to have the guy whip around and head shoot you. And the controls are tighter but still with weight. I can't wait till feb.

snowb4202974d ago

I'd say the damage is 20-40% lower then in 2, it's quite a bit easier to kill and be killed. And for some reason the infiltrator can sprint infinitely, not sure if it's intentional or a bug. I haven't really used the SMG much, but when I did it didn't seem to different. And I'm not sure what rank the snipers I've faced were as I'm sadly playing on an SD TV and the rank symbols are hard to make out. But they do become visible (even if just a little) when they move like in KZ2.

-Alpha2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I do hope I get into the beta, if not I'll have to start finding a way lol. But add me, my PSN ID is the same one I use here.

So do you guys like the reduced health?

I'm worried now about the ease of headshots, it was silly how people could get them so easily with hipfire in K2.

I'm still worried about the infiltrator, good to hear that melee requires you to be closer--is there a lock on for melee? I hated melee in K2, but one-hit melees in K3 could be a problem with the infiltrator class.

Also, like I said, the infiltrator is also the assault class, so I think the infinite running may be intentional. I still think that they should get rid of the assault class, I think faster running ruins the capture games.

snowb4202974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

So far for me melee attacks seem random in how you attack. If you come up from behind you almost always cut the guys throat. But as far as rifle butting someone goes, thats the same as KZ2. Attacking from the front is the random part for me, sometimes I'll use my rifle butt, others I'll pull out my knife and stab them in the chest or eye. The health is alright, it really depends on where you hit someone. However, body shots do seem like they kill faster then in KZ2.

-Alpha2974d ago

I've noticed that it's random too-- which may not be a good thing-- I think it should be like in Halo Reach where holding the button results in the flashy melee kills, otherwise people may get frustrated. No one wants to make a flashy kill in a room full of enemies, you want to kill as many as quickly as possible.

I wonder if they will address that...

The melees look real cool, hope they have a strong variety of them.

snowb4202974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Yeah, I really like the new melee system. So far I've seen 6-10 different kill animations. I'll be sure to suggest that change to the melee system. It's really satisfying when you gouge (spelling?) an enemies eyes out lol.

EDIT: Last bubble=( anymore questions you can PM me or send a message on PSN, I sent a friends request.

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Hideo_Kojima2973d ago

"The infiltrator can go completely undetected by enemy players and bots AND has the abilities of an assault class (Extra armor and faster speed). Sounds ridiculously overpowered. They can also plant/defuse twice as fast. They also have a shotgun and since melee kills are now one hit kills you are going to have a very similar problem in MW2 with running classes meleeing everybody. They can also carry rockets."

Are you serious what the hell is GG smoking!
I can't believe they would do something like that didn't they realize that the rocket launcher class was strongly unbalanced?
Why would they give them even more power?

TKCMuzzer2973d ago

The infiltrator class has never really bothered me. If your eagle eyed you can tell them apart and if your unsure you can always fire a quick shot at them. This usually works as a lot of people playing as the infiltrator like to be clever and go for the melee kill, so firing a quick shot does give you an advantage as it does no damage if the guy turns out to be your own.
I don't think the classes are unbalanced, I usually found unlike certain other franchises you can usually counter act any class in Killzone.
As for snipers, once they move their dead, that's the way it should be

Sigh2973d ago

Been in the beta for about a week now. In short, I have full confidence in KZ3. The weighty controls people had trouble with in KZ2 should be no problem in KZ3. Very fun, reminds me of Battlefield, which I love. But at the same time, KZ3 is just versatile in having variety of game modes in 1 round, which I believe is called Warzone.

KiLLUMiNATi_892973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I agree with this article 100% and I just hope I get into the beta;)

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