Call Of Duty Black Ops Leaked Online

Thieves who stole the Call of Duty Black Ops disc have leaked the Xbox 360 version online to several torrent and usenet sites. Activision has hired private investigators to quell the spread of pirated versions of the game.

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MGRogue20172889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

... Nothing can be done about it now.

It has spread around the internet like fire does to wood.

Red_Orange_Juice2889d ago

every game does, what's the news here?

Call_me_Ishmael2889d ago

whatever ill buy for the ps3 then

blumatt2889d ago

PS3 version is what I plan on getting. And, I really think next gen Microsoft is going to be pressured to use bluray by publishers so their games don't keep getting pirated. You notice you never see PS3 exclusives being pirated on torrents.

Smkt2889d ago

ever since the jailbreak.. almost every ps3 game is on torrents now..

Motorola2889d ago

too bad you cant do anything with it. why wud u even want this jailbroken? Who wouldnt play COD ONLINE? isnt that its selling point?

Fishy Fingers2889d ago

The original source article at VentureBeat is far more informative if your actually interested

Microsoft_Spokesman2889d ago

Thanks for the link my friend.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2889d ago

That's fucked up. Treyarch worked hard on Bl Ops and deserve to get paid for that work. Xbox users= tards.

Senden2889d ago

Treyarch are on Activision's payroll meaning they'll only their royalties effect how much they make. It'll hurt Activision far more which is a freaking good thing.

darksied2889d ago

The only people I hate more (gaming wise) than Kotick and Activision are software pirates. Pirating games is never a good thing.

Senden2889d ago

Couldn't happen to a more deserving company!

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