Celebrities that you know, but might not have known were "hard-core" gamers

We decided to take a look at a few celebrities that are "Core" gamers. No, not the ones that get paid to say they play a given system for a fat check, but the ones who actually play like you and I. Picturing a celebrity like Robin Williams playing Call of Duty or World of Warcraft brings them closer to us, and we felt like compiling a list of some "known" gamers. We'd also like to hear from you. If theres any that we missed, please leave a comment and we'll add them to our list as well.

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The Killer2739d ago

why almost every female celebrity is filthy,low, money show off or a whxxx?

and why every male celeb. must be filthy, dirty, low, money show off or even gay?

and why they keep pushing nobody people as celebrities?

dont u see guys the trend? where we going?

TripleAAARating2739d ago

well the world today isn't normal....

uxo222739d ago

Mila Kunis - is the only one of those that I wouldn't have pegged as a gamer. (I'm staying away from this Core, Hardcore crap that people keep using.)

morganfell2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Daniel Craig is far more addicted.

The producers of the QoS game said they gave him an alpha copy to preview and he refused to give it back.

hikayu2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

nvm , i misunderstood your comment .

i agree with you =D , i wonder if daniel would go out and buy golden eye this time XD .

wongway2738d ago

What does any of that have to do with celebrities playing video games?

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CombineElite2739d ago

I don't care what game Mila Kunis is playing her and Michelle Rodriguez can come over and have a LAN party with me anytime.

lovestospoodge2739d ago

I'd let mila kunis play with my joystick ;)
..oh comon someone had to say it

guru95352739d ago

Nice....I love Michelle Rodriguez.

Modestmex2739d ago

This movie looks pretty good ill have to check it out.

deadreckoning6662739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )


...there goes the dynamite.

Agrahim2739d ago

Michelle Rodriguez = Loved her in Resident Evil, LOST (her character was extremely underated, I cared about her getting killed and didn't give two ****'s about Libby), and a bunch of other things. I've always thought she was smokin' hot.

kmr19772739d ago

Me too, and I'm a female ;)

Terarmzar2739d ago

Your a female?
Then Get off the computer and get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.
Jk =p

HolyOrangeCows2739d ago

There are no females on the internet. Stop pretending.

uxo222739d ago

Although that was so cliche, that shit was hilarious. Bubbles. Sorry, kmr1977 much respect, I just couldn't help it that was simply funny to me.

The Killer2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

thats the best u could come up with? make me a sandwish? i thought u would say make for me a nice rize meal or something like that!

i guess ur expectation for women is so low!

how about make u a meal, and clean ur cloths and take care of the house and kids?

men these day not much different from women! sute each other!

BigKev452738d ago

Bubble down, kme1977. No homos.

r0gueZA2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Mila and Robin Williams are proper gamers - nice.. :)

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Kakihara2739d ago

I don't want to sound like a shallow misogynist but damn, that Vin Diesel chick has some sweet tits.

blasian2739d ago

Vine Diesel... plays DnD... wow never saw that coming.

iamgoatman2739d ago

I remember watching him on The Jonathan Ross Show where he said he's also a pretty big WOW player.

Jack-Pyro2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Huh, that's odd, he seems like such a total badass on screen, I guess you never know.

Dave13512739d ago Show
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