VentureBeat Review: Why Medal of Honor didn’t do its duty for EA

Electronic Arts chief executive John Riccitiello trumpeted the success of Medal of Honor this week, saying the game generated more revenue than the much-talked-about movie, The Social Network. The Afghanistan war combat game has sold 1.5 million copies and generated $100 million in revenues, he said. Riccitiello made the comments in an interview on Fox Business Network.

But sadly, the game is a failure on both the financial and artistic fronts. Now that I’ve finished the single-player campaign game, I heartily agree with reviewers who rated the game as mediocre. And on the money front, it looks like Medal of Honor is not going to put much of a dent in Activision Blizzard’s rival Call of Duty franchise, whose next game, Call of Duty Black Ops, debuts on Nov. 9. Black Ops is expected to sell four times more copies than Medal of Honor.

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-Mezzo-2976d ago

Well, it DID it's Duty for EA by selling 1.5 Million and Making EA chunks of Money.

It Didn't Did It's Duty For Gamers.

deantak2975d ago

Given the time and talent EA put into it, it could have been a lot more.

Grimhammer002975d ago

I swear most people who comment haven't played the final build.
MOH is very good. It's not bc2 or feels almost to realistic.
(as far as a game that works well can be)

I'm taking about high damage on weapons & the need to hug the sh:t out of cover!
Combat mission is easily the stand out mode, very epic when your team wins when assaulting.
Defending is skewed to help the defenders, but that's the feel they wanted.

I love this game; both single player & MP.

But I'm not ops will destroy this games community come early November.

If EA is serious about keeping people and getting new people, they'll need to keep the free dlc flowing.

Thepro3182975d ago

its not realistic Grimhaammer i have the game their no recoil in the MP

Single player give you realistic military situations