Sony: PS3-exclusive devs are hitting console's 'full potential'

Michael Denny, Sony's VP of Worldwide Studios Europe, has said that PS3 developers have now begun to unlock the true potential of the system.

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Optical_Matrix2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Yeah, games with Uncharted 2/God of War III/ Killzone 2-3 like production values are becoming standard on PS3. Welcome to next gen boys

EDIT: Lol disagree's. Why? How can you deny these games don't define next gen gaming. And its true that they're becoming standard. Everyone calling it the Uncharted 2 treatment. Look at how fantastic PS3's upcoming games are looking, from GT5, LBP2 to The Last Guardian and Killzone 3, all graphics phenomenal and amazing production values and gameplay.

FanboyAttack2949d ago

GOW was awesome but I still think Uncharted is extremely overrated.

Blacktric2949d ago

I was thinking the same too until I finished the first game. The story has one of the best pacings I've ever saw. Now I can't wait for the second game but holding myself for the European release of Uncharted 2 GOTY. If they don't announce it in a month though, I'm gonna buy it from eBay.

Panthers2949d ago

I think I was one of the few who knew way before it was released that the first Uncharted was going to be amazing. When they first showed the game at the launch of the PS3, I was anticipating it. And I was not disappointed one bit. And the second was even better, minus the ending. I thought the first had a stronger ending(especially the final battle on the boat in the rain) and I liked the overall story more, but both were amazing.

PimpHandHappy2949d ago

Uncharted over rated? By who? The world of gaming of you? That game won 100's of awards and is the best action game this gen if not in the history of gaming

plb2949d ago

Overrated? Are you mental?

Army_of_Darkness2949d ago

"It's exiting times to be involved in PlayStation"

With great exclusives games, move, plus 3D, how can it not!?
good times:D

evrfighter2949d ago

so thats the ps3's potential huh...



gedapeleda2949d ago

@ userThree I also think u2 is overrated only thing I liked is graphics but storry sucked,for me mgs4 and deamon souls are the BESTEST

DaTruth2949d ago

I too bought Uncharted day 1! I remember when they were showing it in alpha stage and how amazing it looked. Then they showed the touched up post-processed finished screen shots and it almost blew my mind!

8thnightvolley2949d ago

so are we hearing it from the horse's mouth that we have seen the best already :S

sikbeta2949d ago


Uncharted 1 + 2 are AWESOME!

*waiting for UC3*

pedrof932948d ago

And the halo series isnt ?

inveni02948d ago

"I think I was one of the few who knew way before it was released that the first Uncharted was going to be amazing."

I was opposite that. When they first showed Uncharted 1, I was sooooo 'meh' about it. I didn't care at all. In fact, I almost didn't even download the demo. But, I gave it a shot and wound up playing the demo like 100 times. I fell in love. In fact, I think the Uncharted 1 demo and inFamous demos are the only demos I've ever played that convinced me to buy a game I wouldn't have bought otherwise. Now, Uncharted (1,2) and inFamous are my fav games of all time.

If they're overrated, it's because they deserve it. GOW wasn't even close to as good as U2.

rezzah2948d ago

im your 100th disagreer =D

OneSneakyMofo2948d ago

"GOW was awesome but I still think Uncharted is extremely overrated."

Reported as offensive.

swinesucker2948d ago

Okay Uncharted's story was a far freakin' cry from the second game and the ending was terrible. How you could think that ending was better than 2 I have no clue. The entire story of the 1st one was half assed crap. It was okay and for its time was fun but we have moved on, well, the good devs have moved on.

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Cold 20002949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

"are becoming standard on PS3". Most PS3 games are multiplat.

Anyways I have my very own PS3 now since 2 months ago and am currently playing UC2 for the first time. I'm a regular N4G user so I'm used to hearing that the PS3 exclusive graphivs are out of this world bla bla bla. So I was interested is seeing how far from the truth PS3 fanboys were and heres my verdict:

MGS4: graphically never looked mind blowing to me and got the confirmation that it doesnt. Looks good but nothing jaw dropping.

KZ2: looks extremely good have to admit.

UC2: looks beautiful but was expecting more according to what I hear non-stop hear on N4G "COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE ON 360!!!" so I was expecting to see something almost kind of next gen like since its supposed to so "advanced". Wasnt the case.

GOW3: UC2 and KZ2 look more impressive but the game does look incredible.

Final verdict: PS3 exclusives that try to push the graphics like the ones I mentioned above (because a lot of them just look good nothing more) do look
good but theres a lot of over hyping of the graphics going on. They never look as good as Sony fanboys make them out to be.
I mean none of them look like they cant ever be done on the 360...ever! No matter what!

PSN: StarTrak3000

edit: Thats the only PS3 exclusives I've played so far (+ Valkyria Chronicles).

below: like I said I was expecting to see something that can never ever be done on the 360 even in 10 years. What I saw was the best looking game to this date (with KZ2) but not as good as people make it out to be.

Anderson82949d ago

"UC2: looks beautiful but was expecting more"


divideby02949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Cold... Kudos.....good to see you have the nads to post your comments with your online ID..
same here... frig those gutless blind fanboys around here who hide behind multiple accounts and never show their gamer tags

my id is the same on all forums, live, psn and xfire,

ping me ne time to play

I bought Reach, ME2, played AW and if you dont think the games you mentioned are graphically better than the ones I mentioned, thats fair, I think totally diff......

ne way good to see someone with integrity around here..

The Wood2949d ago

i respect your opinion BUT what looks better than the games you've mentioned. If something is just the best out there on consoles its the best out there. There was a time when gears was the best. Times change. MGS 4 is like what how many years old. Compare it to what was out at the time. PS3 games just push the graphics bar more frequently than any other console. Everything from graphics to engines to production values can and will be improved. Best for their times. Constantly improving and again i ask you what others games best the games you've mentioned

R2D22949d ago

is considered old in the technological world.

PC gaming will always be superior - so when you hear PS3 and 360 trolls screaming my console is better than yours, just give them the PC middle finger.

The Wood2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

im sure you're familiar with the concept of comparing apples to apples right. PC should always destroy consoles, we all know this but I ask you this...What has better games, consoles or PC...?? We can have it all as most people have pc's but there just arent as many games worth playing on PC over consoles most of the time especially if the game is better on pad.. So again if you didnt understand. PC's should always destroy consoles but that doesnt mean we cant celebrate what consoles achieve with such limited and 'outdated' hardware.... Show me uncharted on the pc, show me GT5 on the pc, Show me gow3 or a MLB 10 on the pc show me a game of they year cant but you can show me a hole heap of crysis x y and

@ cold

i forgot to say that ps3 fans may hype the exclusives but 'others' downplay those same exclusives and never give them their due credit. Ive seen so many people hype the metro's the alan wakes and a couple others. Hypes all around the place but the conclusion, despite what the fanboys of whatever side say should be the same The ps3 is the console with the best games graphically. People will disagree with that so i hope you address them too

Motorola2949d ago

Cold 2000, you have been trolling PS3 for ages. making a free PSN on the PS SITE doesnt mean you have a PS3. and even if you did, your still a troll. Try harder trolls.

The Wood2949d ago

the changing of his avatar threw me off but still ill give him the benefit of the doubt today. He used to troll constantly and never had anything positive to say about the ps3 but that doesnt mean people cant change...We'll see i suppose

ksense2949d ago

U can say all you want that none of the ps3 exclusives look like that can never be done on x360 but the fact is there is no exclusive on xbox that looks better than the exclusives on ps3 yet.

MariaHelFutura2949d ago

I agree. PC is more powerful. **BUT** GT5 is the best looking game on the planet as far as I`m concerned. Which has to mean something.....being exclusive to the PS3.

thief2949d ago

You are wrong. I have played Gears, Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2 on the xbox, they dont even come close in terms of graphics, animation, AA and lighting to GoW3, Uncharted 2, KZ2, even the by now dated MGS4. Even Uncharted 1 is better. Just having a PSN id does not make you unbiased.

DaTruth2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

This is not the first time he's said he just got a Ps3 and went on to troll the games! He's been on and off "just got a Ps3" for years! He already got a PS3 and sold it 2 months later a few months ago!

And no, I won't go through thousands of his troll comments to find them.

BulletToothtony2949d ago


do you have an HDTV? honest question.. please give an Honest answer

Dark-Cloud2948d ago

just wait for GT5 and u'll shut ur mouth for ever !! it's the best ps3 game u'll ever see , untile ps4 comes out :P , u may enjoy other ps3 exclusive but ps3 is still alot better ... just wait and see ...

RealtorMDandDC2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

"like I said I was expecting to see something that can never ever be done on the 360 even in 10 years"

I currently own a PS3 and had a 360..................and the Games you have mention....Uncharted 2, KZ2, MGS4 and GOW....are games in which I have not seen anything like them before...Graphic wise... And I have been a console gamer for now 27yrs......

There is an distinct difference with all PS3 Exclusives..........

Edit: Besides being graphically beast......they where a blast to play...

bananlol2948d ago

On their own consoles are useless, its the the dvelopers that utilize them that makes them what they are. Ive played a lot of games this gen and ive got to say that ive had far more mindblowing experiences with the ps3 than the 360.

But thats not because the ps3 hardware is superior to the 360 one. No thats because there are a lot more people dedicated to the ps3 as opposed to the 360 thaks to all the studios sony own. I dont know if there is maney programmers on this site, but in programming the hardware matters to a certain extet but optimization is far more important.

Case in point, ive had far more mindblowing experiences on the ps2 that all the current consoles together.

gamingdroid2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I sort of share your sentiment. The PS3 exclusives do look good, but reality is that it isn't jaw dropping.

Jaw dropping for me was when I saw one of the early basketball games on the PS3 way back when it was initially released. At the time I hadn't seen Xbox 360 games, but only seen PS2 and owned an original Xbox. That is a huge leap!

Then I got an Xbox and it was good. Halo 3 was decent, but nothing jaw dropping. Then I saw Gears of War and I was excited. Since then graphically there hasn't been too many jaw dropping games on any systems.

The kind of supposed leap between Xbox 360 and PS3 is almost insignificant in my mind. I didn't really care for the difference between PS2 and the original Xbox graphically then, and I don't care for it now since the difference is so small.

Darrius Cole2948d ago

Err... Uncharted 1 & 2, KZ2, GOW3, GT:5, and HS graphics are completely impossible on 360.

If they were possible we would have seen them matched by now.

vhero2948d ago

@cold2000 you obviously need to get a HD TV then don't you??

N4Great2948d ago

"I mean none of them look like they cant ever be done on the 360...ever! No matter what! "

Say the well known xbox fanboyz, despite the fact that 0000 xbox game have that kind of graphics, fx, etc !
when you are biased since 2006, even with a ps3 and the games in your hand (if you really have it), you can't really open your eyes, your brain don't want to see the reality :)

"so are we hearing it from the horse's mouth that we have seen the best already"

xfanboyz have a real problem to understand articles, obviously :)

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dalibor2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

In my opinion more developers need to utilize the Uncharted/Killzone engine for the PS3. I'm not sure if it has already been done or if it's even possible since those engines are from 1st party developers but Sony should spread the love to 3rd party developers. I would want every freaking game to look like Killzone/Uncharted(for PS3 obviously) because $60 bucks is no joke, I want the best looking games possible for that amount of money if I am going to support developers and gaming. Is it wrong to ask for such a demand? Every developer needs to step up their game. Make us want to buy your games.

raztad2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I agree with you but it has to be said that not every game can look like UC/KZ.

You have a big point regarding what you get for your money tho. For instance,

Dead Space 2 and KZ3 are incoming very close next year. One is multiplat and the other exclusive. Both share a dark palette and linear gameplay. Both are shooters.

However KZ3 just simply blows DS2 out of the water. DS2 is essentially stuck on 2008 and KZ3 is pushing the PS3 harder than anything before. In terms of everything, scale, textures, MLAA. DS2 not so much, and I wouldnt be surprised if game ships with not AA at all as DS did.

Question is why should we pay the same $60 for both games? third party devels need to step their game up. Just for starters MLAA is standard in the PS3 SDK.

DaTruth2949d ago

Really, I don't understand why all games are the same price! GT5 is like four multiplat games!

bustamove2949d ago

Meh, don't worry about the disagrees. I sense there are from jealous individuals that don't want to admit the PS3 came a long way.

I agree that developers are definitely unlocking the PS3's true potential. I was playing GOW III during the week and I still couldn't get over the graphics.

I was like :O and O_O the entire time.

lowcarb2949d ago

"How can you deny these games don't define next gen gaming."

Maybe because graphics alone don't mean next gen.

cyborg69712948d ago

Yes it does. Graphics with ai lighting particle effects. With all of those things going on at the same time with high end graphics that IS next gen.

bananlol2948d ago

I get where you are comming from but the whole "gen" system is based on graphics. But that doesnt mean a game should be judged soley on graphics. That said i think the whole gen system is flawed and a game should be judged for what it is, not which console its on. For instance i think both uc2 and kirbys epic yarn have great graphics on their own, without taking what consoles they are on int account.

AKA2948d ago

PS3 does great graphycs
can do better AI (prove Killzone 2 elite mode)
and just more in every departments of a game.

lowcarb2948d ago

No I can't Understand any of that stuff because it's pure BS.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

PS3 Exclusives not only are raising the bar in performance, but are raising the bar in Creative ways that other consoles don't have.

Create, Share and Play.

A single example is Little Big Planet, create you own games.
Multiplayer Community - ModNation Racers - The most fun multiplayer Kart Racing so far.

The best Action Adventure game with Uncharted series.

Uncharted 2 is the most awarded game in the history of gaming.

Killzone 2 for lovers of sci fi shooters with unbelievable graphics and requires a lot of skills from players in Multiplayer sessions.

MAG, the revolutionary FPS Online in a console ever, featuring 256 Players with a lot of tactics and intense combat.

Gran Turismo: The Real Driving Simulator on a console.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Infamous Series
Demon's Souls
Heavy Rain
God of War Series
Ratchet and Clank Series
Sport Champions
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
WKC Series
Killzone 3
Until Dawn
Twisted Metal

And a lot more in the catalog.

The Trolls are in denial to see this.

Seferoth752948d ago

Not a single PS3 game rates as high as SMG.

Play create share is only new for fanboys. Wii games and PC games were doing it years before PS3 even had a game that offered it.
Modnation? You mean that game that completely bombed with 500k in 2 months time? Yeah great example.

Not a single on of those PS3 exclusives match the sales of COD MW2. So much for their being superior.

Uncharted 2 did win some awards but no more than any other game in history. Lots of other games won GOTy that year but only Sony fanboys act like Uncharted was the only one.

Sony fanboys are quick to talk about great games but how come those superior games fail to achieve sales of inferior games on the console if they are indeed so great?

Why is it MGS came out 3 years ago and even though the PS3 install base has tripled it is still sitting at almost 5 million and one of the best selling PS3 games still? Even with the release of Uncharted and so many other "superior" games?

Love your list of games though.
One is 4 years old.
3 or more were complete bombs.
2 are for casuals. Coming from a Sony fan that is laughable.
Just seems you pulled up any and every PS3 game that is announced and acting like every single one is AAA must own.. Just laughable.

rrw2948d ago

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is set a record for the most won GotY awards for any video game ever, with 100 different media outlets.

anyway it useless to argue with 360/ps3 fan with multiplatform and wii game since they tend ignore it.

bananlol2948d ago

At first i thought you were some overly defensive nintendo fan, but the more comments i read from you the more i realize that youre not a gamer, youre a hater. Take omega4 for instance, shure he trolls but at least he makes some constructive comments on games he likes. I dont think ive ever seen you compliment a single nintendo game.

You know what, i dont think youre a nintendo fan anymore(supposing you ever was one Miyamoto would be disappointed) and only use nintendos sucess to bash sony, and thats quite tragic. I mean did sony kill your parents or what?

N4Great2948d ago

"Play create share is only new for fanboys. Wii games and PC games were doing it years before PS3 even had a game that offered it."

Pc, ok, wii ? LOL.

seferoth, we have enough xboxfanboyz around here, don't bring your wiitards arguments (sales ? ridiculous.. lists ? check gameranking, wii can't compete, even if you ignore the technical gap), it's useless (uncharted 2 was for most of sites, reviewers, etc goty of all time, and win more award than anything else, do you a favor, buy a ps3, play the game, and you'll never say bullcraps again)

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darksied2948d ago

I think it's amazing that the system is still pumping out games that look better and better. Around the time of Killzone 2 I thought it wouldn't get any better looking on the ps3 (how could it right? I mean, it's got such a dated video card in there). Then you have Uncharted 2, which is amazing looking in its own right. And now, how in the world are they still getting better? Killzone 3 is freakin' amazing looking, and they're just NOW getting to what the ps3's potential is? WOW.

Ravage272948d ago

i'll refuse to buy any multiplats without MLAA enabled.

There's zero excuse other than laziness since it is already included in the PS3 SDK, and (according to DigitalFoundry) can be easily implemented in an afternoon.

SpinalRemains1382948d ago

They can't deny it. It's because the article is on the "ALL" page and Microsoft shareholders love this site and love to disagree with anything SONY positive. It's what they do while waiting for the next Halo super chief game.

commodore642948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

"Yeah, games with Uncharted 2/God of War III/ Killzone 2-3 like production values are becoming standard on PS3"

hmm, as far as I can tell the ps3 has 3 games that truly are great, as mentioned above.
But let's be realistic here, the ps3 is approaching its fifth year and all we ever hear is UC2, GOW3, KZ2.

Those three games are repeated ad nauseum and ad infinitum here on n4g, amonst the Sony fanboys.
While I am not disputing the quality of these three games, saying they are becoming standard on ps3 is simply beyond ridiculous.
Fact is, the ps3 has well over 100 games that are inferior compared to another competing platform.

Let's all be honest about the standards on ps3.
Which is REALLY more predominant?
100+ inferior multiplats or 3 awesome exclusives?

It doesn't take a genius to see what the real predominant production values are on ps3, if some honest introspection is applied.

I know you guys will disagree, but the truth must stand.
Just telling it like it is, no matter how much you will hate me for it.

RIP_Weazel2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Introspection isn't really needed commodore. The three games that you highlighted are used because they still stand as gaming high watermarks. (Regardless of personal preference, these games are real jaw-droppers.) You know as well as anyone that the list will continue to expand, on the PS3, as well as the 360, and (hopefully) on the wii.
The structured argument that had a real and relevant point was also self-sabotaged with comment you made stating that "the ps3 has well over 100 games that are inferior compared to another competing platform".
First, define what the fu*k you mean, and clarify what criteria you're using to judge it. Is it because there are more 'low' rated games on metacritic for the ps3 than other platforms? (Statistically wrong may I add) Personal preference, or just through the use of a 'just because' fan-boy filter?
I suspect the latter.

N4Great2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Good answer RIP, but don't try more, the biggest fanboyz (like commodore, skadoosh, pog, gamer1819, omega, etc : some multi accounts) don't listen, and don't want to here facts, they prefer to repeat all the day the same old lies.
In fact they really believe that the ridiculous little differences on some multiplatforms, are on the same level than exclusives graphics differences, so delusional, the funniest : the 10, 20 multiplatforms with negligeable but visible differences (on a big HDTV only !), are most of the time games that nobody play. (he also forget to mention all the other games that xbox can't provide : heavy rain, little big planet, etc, and the fact that ps3 has also superior versions of multiplatforms, most of the time good games)

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FrigidDARKNESS2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

PS3 exclusives are looking amazing every year. I have 10 of the exclusives on my list to purchase in 2011..

pedrami912949d ago

And next year is going to be even better !

DORMIN2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Resistance 3
LittleBigPlanet 2

To name a few...

rrw2949d ago

2011: year where PS3 shine

fucadastates2949d ago

as it did in 2009 and 2010. lets make it 3-in-a-row!

visualb2948d ago

2010 (this year) has been good, but no way near as good as last year =| guess its just me though.

this year just got GOWIII and HR as PS3 exclusives

DORMIN2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Gran Turismo 5

KiRBY30002949d ago

PS3 shines since 2008. in 2011 it will go supernova.

Apotheosize2949d ago

Lot of exclusive titles coming, but I want more

visualb2948d ago

and obv 2012 will be epic =O wonder what they have in store?