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Submitted by I-Pod 1864d ago | news

PC vs PS3 and Xbox 360: Duke Nukem Forever on PC with better Graphics and Textures

Gearbox's marketing director Steve Gibson talk about the differents between Duke Nukem Forver on PC and consoles."you’ll be getting the best graphics, the highest texture density" on PC. (Duke Nukem Forever, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Hellsvacancy  +   1864d ago
Well der, then itll b 360, us PS3 owners will get shafted but meh, its a rental anyway

Edit: And dont gimme the a speal about only buyin "exclusives" mumbo-jumbo, i cant wait 2-buy Fallout Vegas on Wednesday and surprise the surprise the PS3 AGAIN gets shafetd, i know what i like and i know what i DONT
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Eamon  +   1864d ago
what a strange person you are
dalibor  +   1864d ago
"i cant wait 2-buy Fallout Vegas on Wednesday and surprise the surprise the PS3 AGAIN gets shafetd"

Way to go, downplay exclusives when really exclusives are usually the only games that push consoles and PC (Crysis). Go ahead and waste 60 bones with out ever considering or demanding the best you can get from a console. Have you ever thought about that exclusives grant you the will to be able to choose from more games? I don't know about you but I like being able to choose from many games as possible. To each their own. How much more dull would the PS3 and 360 be without some exclusives. And every game that comes out for the PC are technically exclusive in a way bc with max settings enabled those games cannot be done on 360/PS3. Not to mention mods.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   1864d ago
obviously better on the pc, but..
it doesn't change the fact that I'm getting the PS3 version, just as long as its not a shitty port...

@Dalibor, is right... without exclusives, whats the point in having multiple consoles available at the same time... might as well have only one video game system available if your only into multiplat games.
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Substance101  +   1863d ago
No reason to be getting this on console. When the pc version is superior and cheaper.
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sikbeta  +   1863d ago
"Duke Nukem Forever on PC with better Graphics and Textures"

No sh1t Sherlock...
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1863d ago
This game is to play it on PC, like Crysis 2.
Man In Black  +   1863d ago
"Duke Nukem Forever on PC with better Graphics and Textures"
No shit.
di0medes  +   1863d ago
Retarded much?
BinkyStalls  +   1864d ago
duh, lulz at disagrees
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velocitygamer  +   1864d ago
German sites talking bullshit again...
Nihilism  +   1864d ago | Intelligent
Rofl, you think they're making it up that PC will look better :S
Whatever dream the console overlords sold you, it must be pleasant.

I would get my e-peen on and spam some PC pics, but there is a thread in the forums about it, check yo' self fool *snaps fingers*


Too late brua, I'm already here, you must have eyesight problems from staring at non-native last gen resolutions and no AA + mud filter console games with screen tearing. :D


I see i'm sorry then, if only you knew ( or maybe you do ) the insane things PC gamers have to endure hearing on this site...
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velocitygamer  +   1864d ago
I meant that it's pretty obvious that the PC version of Duke Nukem will be superior to the consoles versions. Therefore, they are only stating and talking more and more, unnecessary bullshit.
yewles1  +   1863d ago
"Rofl, you think they're making it up that PC will look better"

Your horrible nack at thinking no-one knows about "PC = superior" is attrocious, even for a PC Nazi.
Trunkz Jr  +   1864d ago
DN will look better on PC then consoles? What kind of stupid article is this?

3DS will look better then DS - see I can do it also!
CimmerianDrake  +   1864d ago
In before evrfighter and the rest of the PC elitist crowd strutting around like their sh1t don't stink.

OT: It's pretty obvious that a platform with ever evolving hardware and software will always have the edge of a closed platform. No one is surprised by this.
DK286K   1863d ago | Spam
pr0digyZA  +   1863d ago
Well from your history and the way you just wrote you obviously are a PS3 guy so I'm guessing DK286K was right. Stop shaming your console. Any way Pc guys do what PS3 guys do to 360 guys, what goes around comes around.
Jacobite  +   1863d ago
I think they do it to each other in equal amounts. lol Xbox and PS3 are the worse at times, and I tend to believe when a PC fanboy has a go, its either a PS3 or Xbox fanboy having a dig at either console.
enkeixpress  +   1864d ago
Obvious much?
FernandoMartinez  +   1864d ago
cpt. obvious to the rescue
plb  +   1864d ago
Solution: Buy a gaming PC if it bothers you that much. PC + PS3 = Great gaming combo. Truth be told however, just play the games you like whatever the system. No need to take sides.
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ultramoot  +   1864d ago
Can we please, stop posting these articles that state the obvious? It's making the already mentally unstable PS3 fanboys go crazy with denial. Seems like they hate being reminded of the facts, but they'll soon forget again, especially when the next KZ3 article comes out. And then we'll see sadly misinformed comments like "UC2 and KZ3 are the only games in 720p", "KZ3 has lower poly-count and low-rez textures because it's artistic", etc.
DoctorXpro  +   1863d ago
on PC with better Graphics and Textures
Obvious is Obvious
metalhead  +   1863d ago
DUUUUUUUHHH. But that's only if you have a PC that can generate the best graphics.
Jacobite  +   1863d ago
How can he get that many disagrees lol example:- old PC with a Nvidia Geforce 6800 GT card V Newer PC with a Geforce GTX 480 big difference in graphics lol
Cajun Chicken  +   1863d ago
This game alone could be worth me updating my system.

Uh, as it stands, it's kind of a laptop which pretty much game up games as soon as Doom3 came out.
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pr0digyZA  +   1863d ago
Just upgrade your card, I was using a 6600 when Doom3 came out and updated that 3 years ago to 8800GTX, and I can still play latest games max. And my card now a days would be super cheap.
allysaurus87  +   1863d ago
Of course a PC's graphics should be better since you can always upgrade and tap out a unit's power. I'll get it on the consoles though since I'm better with a controller.
morventhus  +   1863d ago
wow obvious much... come on whens the demo going to be released?
Bounkass  +   1863d ago
PC has better graphics, O RLY!? Omg, I can't understand why they even THINK of comaparing PC with XBox 360/PlayStation 3...
maverick40  +   1863d ago
Retard article.
Gaming journalists are fools of the highest order.
DTG_The_Man  +   1863d ago
Ugh! Fuck me, what's with the Google Translate stuff. Look, people, WE. DON'T. WANT. FOREIGN. SITES. At least do some actual English sites, damn.
waterboy  +   1863d ago
for a multiplatform game
as a pc fan you shouldnt consider that as much of a win
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   1863d ago
more pc elitist bullshit
pc players are the most condescending pricks you can think of.there just try to justify their over spending on upgrades (every one to 2 yrs).all you hear them say is it LOOKS better on pc, funny thing about that is you never hear them say it PLAYS better on pc (where it matters most).pc fans are the ones getting shafted paying for upgrades every couple of years (you can get a wii ps3 and a 360 @ the price of one graphics card)for better graphics and mediodre gameplay lmfao.i spent $399 for a piece of hardware thats going to last for atlease 7yrs and in that 7yrs pc fans would've spent thousands trying to keep up with their market lol...and if you didn't notice ps3 makes some of the most GORGEOUS pieces of eyecandy for any we console player ain't ya'll keep on celebrating your graphics prcessor,while we console players take all ya'll developers lmfao.your piece of shit sector in gaming is dieing.all your devlopers are jumping ship before it sinks roflmfao.
Ravenor  +   1863d ago
Actually lots of different genre's do PLAY better on the PC, I'm sorry conversation about visuals seems to be the only thing that gets your attention. It should also be noted that a PC does not need to be upgraded yearly or bi yearly, and it's much cheaper to put together a gaming PC that runs games at a higher resolution and detail level then the consoles.

Also like someone pointed out below, the PC sector overall demolishes the console one. Maybe we have found the reason people are condescending to you? You say things without knowing what you are talking about.
imvix  +   1863d ago
"pc fans are the ones getting shafted paying for upgrades every couple of years"

How is paying for an upgrade getting shafted? Paying more per game and getting a low res copy sounds more like getting shafted.

(you can get a wii ps3 and a 360 @ the price of one graphics card)for better graphics and mediodre gameplay lmfao.

which graphics card are you reffering to? Beating any of those machines only needs a 80usd gpu.

"i spent $399 for a piece of hardware thats going to last for atlease 7yrs and in that 7yrs pc fans would've spent thousands trying to keep up with their market lol"

Even the most stubborn console fanboys will admit no console will last 7 years. It will fail alot before specially in the case of the XBox 360. Since you said 399usd i will assume you mean the 360. You only delude yourself with those figures.

you forgot the following figures:

400usd for xbox console at launch
350usd for 7 years of live
300usd for console replacement after 3-4years
100usd for wifi
120usd for newer bigger harddrive since launch model had very small one

1270usd is how much the xbox 360 really cost you in 7 years.

now add in the fact that you need to pay more per game.

if you buy 15 games a year. price difference between PC vs console being 15usd at average

15games * 60 usd * 7 years = 6300usd

6300usd + 1270 cost of console = 7570 is the cost to play on the xbox 360 for 7 years.

if 15 games are bought on the PC every year for 7 years cost would be

15 * 45 * 7 = 4725usd

7570 - 4725 = 2845usd

2845 usd are enough to make atleast 2 good PCs during 7 years and still have good amount left over. All the while gaming on PC at 1080 and beyond while the console lags behind. never mind the fact once the 7 years are over, all the console games probably wont work on the next console with PC you retain your invesment and can play your old games on the next machine.
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yamzilla  +   1863d ago
your piece of hardware will last *YOU* 7 years... but it will be a relic by then...people still use vcr's too...

oh and....
bluray's a fad

and xbox360 games are not maxed yet

neither are ps3 games

720p or less is true high definition

the earth is flat

how's that bubble you live in where time stands still?

lol....WOW has 12 million players paying $15 a makes more money in a month than ALL of the xbox360's games division did last quarter

the consoles are just now starting to eek out a measly profit...

Steam alone has 30 million registered user and 1,200 games to pick from(xob360 has 736 counting lame ass arcade;
that is probably more than all 360 users because 360's break HALF the time (54%)

so really there are probably only 25 million real 360's in homes right now.

steam is one...ONE digital distribution site and has 30 million, then there's direct2drive, impulse, GoG, flash sites and you can but direct from microshaft, ubitwat, actipussy and all eat it

link here;

-here's a direct quote "However, at CES2010 in January, Xbox Live was described by Microsoft as having 20 million users, with a peak of 2.2 million concurrently. Those figures suggest that Steam is about fifty percent larger than Xbox Live." (one outlet owned by blizzard) has over 35 million people

pc has a metric fuckton more marketshare than your toys...

you favorite console will be in a garage sale right in your trailer park in 2-3 years...
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yewles1   1863d ago | Offensive
therapist  +   1863d ago
lol @ xxxset
f'ing owned!!!
yamzilla  +   1863d ago
sorry about the number of 360 games link...i think thiis is the one
metsgaming  +   1863d ago
with the quality of pcs that most people have its better to get them on consoles. But if you have a gaming pc of course go for that but most people pcs wouldnt be able to run it well.
imvix  +   1863d ago
Most people are only a 150usd gpu upgrade away even on their 3-4year old rig to enjoy 1080p expereince. If anyone can afford a console, affording PC gaming is much cheaper.
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