RPG scans: 15 RPGs (including new Ni no Kuni shots)

Magazine shots of 15 RPGs, spanning PC, PS3, PSP, DS, 360, and Mobile platforms. Highlights include new shots of Kingdom Hearts RE: Coded and Ni no Kuni for DS, and a look at Fallout New Vegas in Japanese.

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knifefight2894d ago

Ni no Kuni PS3 > Ni no Kuni DS.

Still want both though.

kratos1232894d ago

man i cant wait fore ni no kuni fore ps3 thank god fore lvl 5 best japanese devolpers in my opinion

imoutofthecontest2894d ago

Level 5 is the new Squaresoft.

jneul2894d ago

i agree level 5 has that special place in my heart that square once used to hold, roll on wkc2 and ni no kuni

Killzone3Helghast2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Man ... How I wish there were amazing RPGs this gen. I still have Final Fantasy 2 and 3 for SNES with manuals and what not all the way up to FF 13(besides the online/portable versions of FF)

I found white knight chronicle o-k nothing too godlike but amazingly better then FF13

edit: and in case you were wondering my favourite FF was FF8, dun hate :P

vhero2893d ago

Where are all the 360 games?? I only see fallout.. Guess 360 gamers are getting no JRPG love anymore since MS decided to pump all money into Kinect instead of paying for exclusives. Shame as PS3 has some really nice looking JRPGs there

imoutofthecontest2893d ago

There was a new 360 JRPG announced recently called Students of the Round, but there are no scans of it in this particular update.

It's a dungeon-crawler.

darkziosj2893d ago

dude that sucks "Rune Factory Oceans" is the only game i want

imoutofthecontest2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Someone disagrees with my post above? It's a fact. There is a dungeon crawler called Students of the Round coming to X360 in Japan. Disagree with reality all you like, mmystery man, but I think you have some personal issues, lulz.

princejb1342893d ago

that most of them are for ps3=]

Stealth20k2894d ago

it would be nice to see the second fire emblem remake here in the states

ranmafandude2894d ago

class of heroes 3
Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll
Kingdom Hearts RE Coded
White Knight Chronicles 2
and Ni no Kuni for ps3.

princejb1342893d ago

i really hope they come to the states
ill be very dissapointed if they dont

SandRazor2893d ago

I feel sorry for you, it is one of the most awesomeist classic-style RPGs ever.
Seriously try out Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age on the GBA.
It's probably the only game I want on the DS (Other than the Castlevania games).

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