Rumor: NiGHTS Journey of Dreams delay

Word has it that NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams isn't quite ready to wake up. According to NiGHTS fan site, the game is apparently delayed until Q1 2008.

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Trick Nolte4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

dont pull it off the tree. If this is true then Sega should be applauded for this move. They would indeed be giving up loads of cash by missing the Holiday season for the sake of the games quality.

This is the one game that I dont want Sega to botch. Hopefully they take as much time as they need to carefully craft the magic that is Nights as its one of my all time favorites.

Alot of people are pissed because Sega decided to make it for Wii, understandable. Regardless of that though.. whatever console it wound up on in this case the Wii, it should be handled with the best of care.

I'm looking forward to this one.

Dudeson424074d ago

I'm perfectly fine with this move. And as was stated above it's awesome that they're willing to miss the holiday season to make a quality game and not just cash in on the name. I don't remember the last time a Mario game was released on the original intended release date and low and behold they are always excellent when they come out. This is what Miyamoto was preaching a few months back, dont be afraid to delay a game to make it better.

"A delayed game is only delayed until it's released. But a BAD game is a BAD game forever...." -Miyamoto

ItsDubC4074d ago

Agreed, I want this NiGHTS release to be worthy of its pedigree. The post-holiday season has historically been pretty weak in terms of quality game titles so this along w/ Mario Kart may fill that void for Wii owners.

djt234074d ago

i am ok with because i could get it this x-mas
so i am going to wait and pick on Mario kart and night together