New Amazing Images and Videos from Killzone 3 Beta

PlayStation Informer: "Here some amazing images, videos and gif from the Killzone 3 Beta"

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NoLongerHere2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Don't cry, Skittles is here for you, everything's gonna be alright. :)

D4RkNIKON2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

How can he not think that this looks jaw dropping? http://playstationinformer....

This is how FPS should look on consoles. DETAIL, GRITTY, REAL

Redrum0592975d ago

ohyeah, i like this one
perfect example of quality AA


SaberEdge2976d ago

Well, I think it looks amazing. Give credit where credit is due.

TOO PAWNED2976d ago

Everyone knows how vocal and UNBIASED i am. I bash Sony when they deserve it, so that being said. This DOES look amazing. Love how they changed that you dont haveto shoot 50 bullets into someone to die, just couple of them, looks incredible for alpha code.

RememberThe3572976d ago

Get off your high horse. I've been around long enough to know where that name came form. You haven't always been so "UNBIASED".

raztad2976d ago

We finally made some progress today.

units didnt say KZ3 is KZ2.5

KZ3 is looking amazing. The textures are fvking incredible, the lightning is the best you will get in a console game, and the AA, OMG MLAA == bullshot quality screens


A little of topic and talking about MLAA. After GoW3 eye popping image quality due to its MLAA implementation, AMD stepped up and included MLAA support on their new cards (and new 10.10 drivers). People are reporting 5xxx cards run MLAA successfully in some games with outstanding results.

So far only xbox owners are being left behind. PC dudes (at least ATI owners) are joining PS3 fans in the joys of a MLAA based gaming.

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Call_me_Ishmael2976d ago

yeah its torture to wait to next year,

popoyo2976d ago

2,18 teraflops = kill zone 3

0.5 teraflps= crysis 2

Downtown boogey2976d ago

Your ownage is pure in nature.


visualb2975d ago

no one probably got him, but gave him more agree's than disagrees =|

saint_seya2976d ago

dunno about crysis 2.. but killzone looks amazing, i cant judge crysis 2 cause i didnt tried it yet..

dead_eye2976d ago

Can't wait for the 25th. Only 2 days left.

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