Heavenly Sword - Success or Flop?

Sony have been selling Heavenly Sword as a stunning next gen game since day one, so now that it is upon us we thought it only right to take a closer look.

Heavenly Sword is a epic action game in which the invading King (played by Andy Serkis) destroys the warrior clan that guards the Heavenly Sword, the clan leader's daughter, Nariko, takes up the sword in a desperate fight for survival, as she embarks on one last mission of vengeance against the King and his army before her life is finally and irreparably overtaken by the omnipotent Heavenly Sword.

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ktchong4074d ago

It has not even come out yet!

Vojkan4074d ago


What is Flop? If one guy doesn't like it? Or if it sells less than 500k making game unprofitable?

Sure it is not God of War quality i think we all knew that long time ago(no one can beat Kratos;-) ) but this is great game and if 8.0-8.5 on average is bad than i rest my case and i give up!

xxxxxxxxx4074d ago


The game may be good, but that's the sound you will hear as I whack off to the game! LOL

reaperxciv4074d ago

let us hope it will be AAA title.

mike_mgoblue4074d ago

Heavenly Sword is a game that deserves the poor ratings it is receiving. Ever since the demo has been available, two things became 100% clear about Heavenly Sword:

(1) Heavenly Sword has "Playable" in-game graphics that are disappointing compared to the "Non-Playable," cut-scene graphics that Sony had been showing off. People care about how good the graphics are when the game is being played much more than the cut-scene movie nonsense. And, the FACT is that Heavenly Sword is NOT impressive in the area of "Playable" in-game graphics.

(2) Heavenly Sword has "Button-Mashing," gameplay. There is literally no "Block," button in Heavenly Sword. If you try and react to the attacks of your enemies, you will end up DEAD. You are literally better off smashing buttons without taking the time to think about which buttons are being pressed. This is something that Edge and IGN both mentioned in their disappointing reviews.

Summary: There is no doubt about it; the fact of the matter is, Heavenly Sword is a game that has failed to live up to the hype. Heavenly Sword really is a BIG disappointment, and the FACT is that the reviews of very reliable sources prove that Heavenly Sword isn't anything is too short, and it isn't fun.

Heavenly Sword has been rated by the reliable sources of IGN, IGN UK, and Edge.

IGN rated Heavenly Sword with a score of only 7 out of 10.

IGN UK also rated Heavenly Sword with a score of only 7 out of 10.

Edge rated Heavenly Sword with the very disappointing score of only 6 out of 10.

OBVIOUSLY, Heavenly Sword has ZERO chance of winning any awards this year.

Actually, even with scores of 60% and 70%, Heavenly Sword is doing slightly better than Warhawk and and Lair.

The Playstation 3 game called, "Lair," received an even worse rating than the ones that it had already been given!

EGM rated Lair with a score of only 5.5 out of 10. And in the October issue of PSM magazine, Lair receives a rating of only 5 out of 10.

That is a terribly disappointing review!

Lair is actually called, "A one-trick dragon," in the review.

To say that Lair is receiving "mixed reviews," is an understatement...Lair is a BIG disappointment!!!

*** But that isn't where the disappointment ends.

Warhawk ended up being a disappointment in the reviews. Warhawk was rated only a 6.5 out of 10 by PSM magazine. Warhawk is called, "A third person shooter that never gets off the ground."

This is NOT a surprise, because Warhawk REQUIRES at least two people to play, and there is NO MODE where Bots can be used in the place of people!!! THAT SUCKS!!!

In Warhawk, the final version of the game ended up where machine guns from people on the ground can actually shoot down the Warhawk... That obviously is NOT good!!! And men on the ground with rocket launchers can shoot the Warhawk out of the sky in one shot... That obviously is NOT fun!!! That is why Warhawk is rated so poorly with a score of only 6.5 out of 10.

Alvadr4074d ago


Bloooody hell, let the games come out first. The public will decide if its HOT or NOT.

junk564074d ago

@ Mike

lmfao i love your comments. you havent played any of the games especially warhawk. LOL machine guns that can shoot down warhawks MAKES IT A BAD GAME OMG

hahah i can't say anymore to you other than you're probably the biggest idiot who thinks he's smart.

nurayi4074d ago

This site is going to see a nice spike because of this, whether the story was intended to generate hits or not.

@ mike
it appears we've found the yin to nasim's yang.

you both should spend more time reflecting on your own opinions than trying to force your views onto others. although its nothing new to n4g. carry on

snakeater34074d ago

may i kindly ask what is your agenda around here? i may agree or disagree as to whether lair , hs or warhawk are great, good or piss poor, but your bashing seems like an xbox fanboy trying to justify the fact that mom wont buy him that piece of expensive equipment which has stellar lineup of games coming in this holiday season and b3yond. please prove me wrong and save ur dignity from the unforgiving fanboys on this site.

Odion4074d ago

You know you look like a GIANT tool when you say B3yond

VaeVictus4073d ago

Just so you guys know, Mike_mgoblue is quite possibly the worst fanboy you'll ever encounter. You'd be best served to put him on ignore and never see his comments b/c it will always be the same. He's been banned and labelled a spammer on one site and frequents many other sites under many "admitted aliases" to spew his retarded rhetoric. Disregard him. He'll tell you that Perfect Dark Zero will have better gameplay and graphics that MGS4 or Killzone 2, or that Hexic wouldn't be technically possible on the PS3.

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AliC4074d ago

It will only be known when the players themselves get a hold of the game.

ktchong4074d ago

If someone does not have a PS3, and then how is he supposed to "get hold of the game himself" or "try the demo for himself"?

Greysturm4074d ago

Friends or demo booths...

ktchong4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

and if "friends" do not have a PS3 or the game, or the demo booths do not have the game... then what?

Anyway, most people without a PS3 are not going out of their way and go through so much trouble just to try an "average" or "above average" game. That's too much hassle for a game.

Now, if they had read all the raving 9s and 10s about this game, then that would have been a good reason to actually go to look for a friend or booth that has a PS3 and the game to try it out for themselves.

People are not going to go through those hassles for an "okay" or "good but not spectacular" game. However, they would it only if they keep reading that the game is like... "this is video gaming history" or "this is the game of the year," (like BioShock and Gears of War,) then they would find a way to check it out even if they did not have the console. And, if they liked it enough, they would buy the console.

ktchong4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

At first, I was not interested in getting the console AT ALL. Then I had heard about Halo and all the rave reviews, and a friend invited me over to his place to play the game. Of course, I would not have accepted the invitation if I had not already heard so much about the game. I went to his place to play it, and I liked it, but I still did not want to buy a console for only one game.

Soon afterward, I heard about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. After I read all the the rave reviews, I actually asked my friend if he had the game and if I could go to his place to try it out. Those two games sold me an Xbox.

Right now, Heavenly Sword and Lair are not doing the same thing for PS3. Even if some friend bought the game and invited me to try it out at his place, with the review scores those games have been getting, I will have to think about it - I would rather go out and have fun, or go home and watch some movies or play some Xbox 360 or Wii game.

mighty_douche4074d ago

well you could always try buying one ya tight ass!

if all else fails, hang around a game shop with a basket ball bat, you can guess the rest....

ktchong4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

As I've said,

for me to buy a PS3, there has to be a number of spectacular PS3 exclusives (think Gears of War or BioShock) to convince me.

and if I don't already have a PS3, then I can't "try" Heavenly Sword -- and I certainly am not going to go out of my way to go through hassles (i.e., go look for someone or some place that has it or whatever) just to play some game that I already know has been getting only an overall "okay" review score.

beavis4play4074d ago

using 5 posts to say you aren't buying a ps3 was stupid. and your rambling on about what games are good or bad is completely subjective. the games you mentioned(halo and KOTOR)did not do anything to make me want an xbox. i was too caught up with the great ps2 games. and i don't need others telling me what to buy. as far as ps3 and the 360- i played gears and bioshock on a friends xbox on single player (plus co-op on gears) and thought they were ok, but not great. they had some new takes on how games play that i liked but felt the games had weaknesses too. again, they didn't make me want a 360. but like you, my feelings are subjective based on what i want in a game. your belief that there have not been any good games on the ps3 is again not true.(you don't even have a ps3, so how would you know?) resistance, motorstorm and ninja gaiden sigma are all great exclusive bottom line, you like the 360, not the ps3, so don't come across like some pseudo-games expert-because you aren't. your just another predjudiced fanboy.

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Violater4074d ago

"So from what we have seen, we were impressed and it left us in no doubt that no matter what the critics say, this game will sell big"

SuperSaiyan44074d ago

They aint got much else to look forward to so I guess they will buy it and it will be a sucess.

I own both consoles and am contemplating on whether to buy this or not as its rather close to HALO 3 which will take over the charts for months until Mass Effect another 360 only game.

If you only have a PS3 and since there aint much in the ways of games for that console and I mean exclusive stuff not them ports then what else? Might as well buy it.

I played the demo and thought it was ok nothing amazing, visuals were not that great, Blue Dragon blows it away graphics wise and gameplay beit they are 2 different games.

I thought HS was just a rip off the bigger and better God Of War.

achira4074d ago

lol joke of the year: "blu dragon blows it away". lol, can someone be more ignorant and more stupid ? let check your eyes monkey.

power0919994074d ago

"Blue Dragon blows it away graphics wise"

I will respect your opinion here but:

The only reason I can think that you think these graphics are THAT good, is that your a DragonBallz fan. So in turn would enjoy the graphics in Blue Dragon.

Don't get me wrong, BD is a nice looking game but the animations are terrible. Heavenly Sword is just a beautiful game, but to say that it pales in comparison to BD?

I just don't know what to say to that.

jay34074d ago

Yeah, i was kinda with you until that Blue Dragon thing...

SpenserTracy4074d ago

Grown men who are scared of the PS3 should go home to mommy and cry.

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