NavyFIELD Provides Direct Communication with Players

Online naval battle game NavyFIELD has received positive reviews from players for providing direct communication on the game development process. When planning a long hoped renewal for the game mode Harbor Assault, SD EnterNET, publisher of NavyFIELD, decided to collect player input and guidance. Soon after the announcement, a great number of ideas and suggestions from players began arriving via email and forums. Those ideas will be collected and assigned to the development team, in order to be used as a basic resource for developing the game mode.

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CombineElite2973d ago

This is one reason why the PC gaming community is so tight-nit. great companies like Valve and Blizzard listen to and communicate with their gamers and that's why they make great products and have such high gamer loyalty.

If you want to make an excellent game it doesn't hurt to get direct feedback and take advise from the paying customers.

Bravo Navyfield!! I'm gonna check it out right now.