Interview: CoD Black Ops’ Daniel Suarez

Steve boxor talks to the executive producer of the latest Call of Duty game about the title’s new multiplayer modes.

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Call_me_Ishmael2974d ago

well at least they confimed theyre not
chraging for multiplayer and a i am kinda liking the
cod points system and the report system hackers and cheaters

AllroundGamer2974d ago

hopefully people won't abuse the report system and start to report good players... (you know like some group/clan, that want to have fun reporting someone better, than they are)

Call_me_Ishmael2974d ago

dont worry,treyarch said theyll look at
vids of the player that was reported

AllroundGamer2974d ago

you really think they would have the time to look at every match in that was a hacker/cheater reported? i don't think so... and yeah i'm worried, cause i had a KD ratio over 2.5 in MW2 and had to listen to all the jealous and angry kids :D (till i pressed the mute button :) but also received hate messages now and then :) )

Call_me_Ishmael2973d ago

hmm,maybe youre right about that one

ps3alldayeveryday2974d ago

its pretty awesome that you can have your own Player Card in which it will display your stats and have your own videos on them! :)

MGRogue20172974d ago

Indeed.. Alot of nice additions are brought to the CoD series with this game, very nice.

-Judge_Fudge2974d ago

wow this sounds from what i read and the vids acually looks better than MW2 and i think is gonna feel like COD4 IMO. the bugs and glitches in MW2 online killed the experience for me but they are beta testing this and polishing it. treyarch is learning from the mistakes from MW2 and rolling with it