Meodia: Quantum Theory Review.

Meodia reviews the game Quantum Theory for the Xbox 360;

"Quantum Theory gives us nine hours filled with tedious, monotonous, flawed gameplay with almost no redeeming features. Don’t waste your time on this, there are so many better games out there that deserve your time and attention."

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big_silky2976d ago

i got it from gamefly and i'm actually having fun with it great? christ no but it's fun for what it is. it's a 6,7 imo. nothing amazing but I've played worse.

Ronster3162976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

The shooting is a lot more accurate than it was in the demo.

Having felina as a weapon is a nice novelty touch IMO.

Also theres some pretty interesting boss fights and the sections where you fight whilst on moving platforms are not all that bad.

Is it a great game? i would say no too.

Does it deserve to have been raped by the critics and given scores mostly ranging between 3.0-4.0? again no.

I would give Quantum Theory a score of around 6.5-7.0